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Veritas adds VMware Credential Management for Easy Single File Restores

Level 4

Hi Friends,

I'd like to share some exciting news with you!  Veritas has introduced single file restore capability for virtualization administrators without having to enter the username and password for the VMware instance.  This restore capability is made possible with new RBAC and Credential Management capabilities built right into Veritas NetBackup!

This feature allows users to perform VMware Instant Access Single File Restores (SFR) and VMware agentless SFR using credentials created and granted access by the NetBackup Administrator with credential management. This enables a user who may not have elevated permission on a guest VM to perform a recovery to it without having to know the username and password of the NetBackup administrator.

The NetBackup administrator is responsible for creating and maintaining ‘VMware guest VM’ credentials within credential management in NetBackup. They will also be responsible for maintaining RBAC permissions to only allow access to use the credential for valid users. These operations should not be new for an administrator familiar with the credential management system built into NetBackup.

The process is simple and includes assigning permissions in RBAC and then creating a credential the VMware Administrator can use without having to enter credentials.


Figure 1:  Assigning RBAC permissions for VMware assets.



Figure 2:  Creating the VMware credential.



Figure 3:  VMware Administrator’s view to restore files password less using the created credential.

Veritas NetBackup not only makes backup and recovery simple, but now adds the capability to give VMware Administrators the ability to do single file restores while protecting the secrecy of critical username and passwords.