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Views to help manage migration of all images to new library and tapes?

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OK, need some help. I'm getting this done, but there has to be a more efficient way.

Windows Server 2008 and 2003 master and Media Servers. Netbackup

We are replacing old library and LTO3 w/ new library and all LTO6 stuff. So, for a variety of reasons, we are duplicating everything to the new LTO6 tapes.

So, my task is duplicating, then expiring all copies on the LTO3 tapes (there are two copies of each image: onsite [primary], offsite).

The best process I've come up with is:

  1. fill the old library with Onsite tapes (only holds 40).
  2. In the "Catalog" in the Netbackup admin console, I search each tape for primary copies.
  3. Right click on the resulting images to Duplicate them.

That's all well and good, but I haven't come up with a good way to clean up the old images. And what I have is tedious and time consuming. I need an easy way to search for  images that have successfully duplicated, and find out where their old copies are and expire them. The best I've come up with is as follows, but by the time I do a couple thousand images, this is going to be a ridiculous task:

  1. manually keep track of the images that I've duplicated
  2. then search "Images on Tape" in the console, and filter by Backup ID.
  3. make note of which copies live on which tapes
  4. search the Catalog by tape # and copy number for both of the old onsite and offsite copies and expire them.

If I could figure out how to do any of the following, it would help greatly. These will be hard to explain, but I'll do my best:

  • ideally, search in the Catalog (so I could easily expire the images when I find them, rather than have to do duplicative searches), and to see all copies of an image, as opposed to having to specify a particular copy in the search.
  • Search "Images on Media" or "Images on Tape", but filter by # of copies (i.e. only show images that have more than 2 copies)
  • Search "Images on Media" or "Images on Tape", and filter some how to show ALL copies of an image for which any single copy matchest a parameter. For example, if I filtered by Media Density, I still want to be able to see ALL the copies of the images that have even one copy that matches the Media Density parameter.

Suggestions/ideas welcome, regarding the expiration of old images, or even if there's a better way to do this whole migration process. For example, maybe there's a way to tell Netbackup to expire the old copies automatically as part of the duplication?


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Netbackup - data migration between tapes


he goes through step-by-step with screenshots


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Seen that. And that works just fine, but it is exactly what I tried to describe in my original post:

  1. As far as I'm aware, you can only search for a particular copy of an image at one time. And as I said, our copy numbers are not consistent in any way b/c of a mix of tape/disk (SLP, DSSU, Falconstor, etc) and various retentions. So, that makes search difficult. I would be a little easier if there was
  2. Plus, with 320 LTO3 tapes, about 1600 images, the above-referenced issue with copy numbers, and the fact that there are 2 copies on (many of which are fragmented on more than one media), the ability to search in the catalog and get the necessary info is limited and becomes a multi-step, tedious process. You can do the math but that's alot of searching and clicking just to expire the old images, let alone duplicate them.
  3. Lastly, failed duplications which will invariably happen for a variety of reasons. and keeping track of individual backup IDs for failures is another issue that could complicates catalog searches as 
  4. if there was a way to add "volume Pool" to the columns in the Catalog search, that would help me
  5. And if there was a way to search or view "all copies" in a Catalog search, that would help too.
  6. And since I'm running regular backups at the same time, this project will takes months probably, and I'll have a mix of duplicated images and non-duplicated images during that time.

One thing I did come up with this morning. It required some work up front (like a couple hours), but after that it should work pretty well.

  1. I used the "Images on Media" and exported a report on every image.
  2. I opened it in Excel as a comma deliminated file so then I had the info in colums.
  3. I used a concatenate function to create a new column that included BackupID, Copy#, and Tape#.
  4. Then I sorted by this new column.
  5. I then used the "Remove Duplicates" function (referencing this column only), which got rid of all of the extra lines that were created by fragmented images from multiplexing (this was 1000's of rows).
  6. Now I had a managable list to parse through manually or use filters to identify what was already duplicated, etc.
  7. And since it's a spreadsheet, I can edit it as I go. And I created a second worksheet to which I move images as they are done duplication and expiration.

I'm really surprised there's no command or something in the GUI to simply duplicate then automatically expire. Or at least a single place to view AND manage all copies of an image. Hopefully I'm missing something............