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Vmware backup failing with EC 6

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Hello All,

There is two VMWare policy, in which the host in one policy is getting backed up successfully and another policy host is failing, so i thaught there might be communication issue but when i went through the esx host of successfull and failed vm host are same, refer the below details :-

Successfull backup host :-
Hostname : vCloudMeter
Esx host : rdcpvmgtint03
Vcenter : rdc-vm-vc

Failed host :-
Hostname : rdcntp04
Esx host : rdcpvmgtint03
Vcenter : rdc-vm-vc.rdc

Now for test purpose i created vmware test policy and tried to add the both host in that policy and found that vCloudMeter added successfully while rdcntp04 is not allowing to add and giving error "Policy: VMware_rdc-vm-vc_test -- client: rdcntp04 (VMware backup host: rdcispmp001) --
Snapshot could not be created with VMware_v2 method"

Could you please help me to solve this issue.



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How are you adding the new VM? Manual? Or via Browse option or Intelligent selection?

Can you use the "Browse for VMware Virtual Machines" option in the Clients tab of the policy to locate this VM?

Which options are selected in the VMware tab of the policy? 

Please also have a look at questions asked in this discussion:

Any reason why you are still using an old version of NBU that is no longer supported?
There could very well be compatibility issues as well.