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Vmware credential validation failed

Level 3

Have a Netbackup master 7.0 several media servers (windows 2008)
Have Vmware VirtualCenter 2.5.0
I used one media server as the vmware backup host.

But if I go to Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers and I try to validate my credentials, it comes up with this error - "Vmware credential validation failed"

The account I use can login to the vcenter without any problems.

According to the doc below, if the backup host has multiple network interfaces, I should specify a backup IP.

The backup host has 2 IP addresses, one for production( and one for backup IP (

The vcenter can only ping the production IP, however, Netbackup by default appears to use the backup IP based on the bpvmutil log.

I tried to configure the backup host to use the production IP by going to Host properties > media servers. Then under Universal settings > Use specified network interface, I put in the hostname corresponding to the production IP, restarted the netbackup services on both the master and media but got the same log as below:

Can someone help me out?

Here is the bpvmutil log:
17:26:38.803 [3176.6304] <2> logparams: D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpVMutil.exe

512 _NONE_ dce-vcs01
17:26:38.803 [3176.6304] virt_test_log: log function is called
17:26:38.803 [3176.6304] <2> bpVMutil main: cmd = 2 ESXMount = _NONE_ ESXserver = dce-vcs01, flags = 0
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1046: host_cache_size: 200 0x000000c8
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1047: cache_time: 36000x00000e10
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1061: host_failed_cache_size: 40 0x00000028
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1062: cache_time: 36000x00000e10
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1046: host_cache_size:200 0x000000c8
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1047: cache_time: 36000x00000e10
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1061:host_failed_cache_size: 40 0x00000028
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> init_cache: ../../libvlibs/vnet_hosts.c.1062: cache_time: 36000x00000e10
17:26:39.006 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_async_connect: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vnetd.c.4052: connect in progress: 0 0x00000000
17:26:39.100 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_vnetd_service_socket: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vnetd.c.2054:VN_REQUEST_SERVICE_SOCKET: 6 0x00000006
17:26:39.100 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_vnetd_service_socket: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vnetd.c.2068:service: bprd
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_async_connect: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vnetd.c.4238: in progress connect: 0 0x00000000
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_async_connect: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vnetd.c.4241: connect: async CONNECT FROM TO fd = 564
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> VssSetLogLevel:  ++++ ENTERING ++++
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <4> VssSetLogLevel: (../../libVnbat/vss_auth.cpp,4798): Setting

VSSLOG level to 5.
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> VssSetLogLevel:  ---- EXITING ----
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> vnet_check_vxss_client_magic_with_info: ../../libvlibs/vnet_vxss_helper.c.878: Ignoring VxSS authentication: 2 0x00000002
17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> bprd_read_text_file: Starting to read data
17:26:39.506 [3176.6304] <2> bprd_read_text_file: Received line 1: ..1 dce-vc...
17:26:39.709 [3176.6304] <2> bprd_read_text_file: Read 1 lines and wrote to file C:\Windows

17:26:39.709 [3176.6304] format_virtualserver_cred: read 1 dce-vcs01 moises timbol


efd2694706580b661267047a5e92413ce5ca 31627 0

17:26:39.709 [3176.6304] <2> bpVMutil main: Unable to get server credentials
17:26:39.709 [3176.6304] <2> bpVMutil main: EXIT STATUS 135: client is not validated to

perform the requested operation



Level 6

Please verify this below link:



Although the Hostname is not seen in the GUI it does show in the output of command.

test below command:

Install_Dir\Veritas\Netbackup\Bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd -listhosts


Use the nbemmcmd to delete the host from the Enterprise media manager database.


Install_Dir\Veritas\Netbackup\Bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename [virtual machine server hostname] -machinetype virtual_machine.


Then readd the Virtual machine server credential back in using the GUI and it should then proceed without any error.

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try using the java gui as this can be an issue with the windows admin console.

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when you add the Vcenter with IP address it should be fine and directly go and communicate

does the Vcenter IP that you are reffering ls listed below.. ?

17:26:39.303 [3176.6304] <2> logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO


does the Vcenter is VirtualCenter 2.5 U1  ? because VirtualCenter 2.5 U1 is only supported with 7.0



Level 3

hi sri vani - tried nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename [virtual machine server hostname] -machinetype virtual_machine, got error "generic EMM SQL error (193)", followed this article

I was able to delete the vcenter.

Running "emmcmd -listhosts" confirms server has been removed.

I added it back using the GUI, tried to validate credentials, I'm back to the same error.


hi Brook, I installed Java gui on the backup host, for some reason I only get the java gui version of the Backup and Restore console when I connect to the either the media or master server.


hi Nagalla, the Vcenter IP does not appear anywhere on the logs. is the media server/backup host. is the Netbackup master server.


Level 6
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First of all, clear "Use specified network interface". If you set production IP here, all connections from this host (including backup stream) will go from production IP. This means, if name of NetBackup host is resolved to backup IP, and production IP has no route to backup IP, connection fails.

Clear this setting, and just add vCenter with production IP's hostname.