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Volume Pool Option - Max. number of partially full media

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I'm just unable to understand the "Maximum number of partially full media" option in Volume Pool. I've read the description from the admin guide but couldnt get it.

My understanding is that with this option maximum number of partially full media (and not completely full) would be limited to the number given, lets say for example 1. Now I'm guessing if there are 4 media in the library in the same pool and if 3 are full & 1 partially full and running in a drive, then Netbackup will not initiate a new job in another drive for the same pool and wait for the partially full media to become full, after which it pulls one from scratch pool. Please correct me if i m wrong.



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Your understanding is correct.

Ideally the MPF for a pool should be equal to the number of tape drives so that you do not have the situation where drives are available but jobs are queued because of low MPF setting.