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Looking for thoughts and comments re...

If the following happens: 
i) WSUS pushes some updates to a backup client of Win2012 R2, and these get installed up to the point where Windows is then prompting for a reboot.
ii) The client is not allowed to reboot. 
iii) A NetBackup BMR aware backup occurs which completes ok with status 0. 
iv) We then shutdown and destroy the client. 
v) We then recover the client using NetBackup BMR. 
vi) All appears to boot ok, and BMR clean-up completes ok. 
vii) Reboot client.

1) But what has happened to the WSUS updates that were half installed? 
2) Will they have finished installing after BMR recovered the client, or after the final reboot?

3) Or will the half-finished WSUS updates have been stripped away by the BMR process?




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ok just a guess here but knowing what BMR does (which is taking an image backup of the disk) i think upon restoring the BMR image, it would be the same as if you have rebooted the old computer before doing a BMR.

when Windows updates its files and requests a reboot, the files that are running in memory are the non-updated ones. whereas the files on disk are the updated files so when you reboot it would read the ones on the disk which are up to date.

my 2cents.

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I was kind of wondering whether the first boot after BMR recovery would have had anything related to WSUS stripped away by the BMR boot process, i.e. whether any Windows WSUS configured "excecute at boot" calls/config/setup would be removed/overridden/replaced by any BMR "execute at boot" calls/config/setup.

And, whether there might be any funny/odd/unwanted interaction between pending WSUS actions and BMR boot actions for any of the embedded Windows registry keys of FilesNotToBackup and FilesToMoveOnRestore and KeysNotToRestore, which all backup applications (Microsoft and/or any third party) are supposed to take note of and honour.

Anyway I did raise a support case to ask this very same question, and I was assured that all would be fine.