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Want to change the netbackup debug log location to another drive in windows

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Currently our C drive on server has very limited space for debug logs. Please share the steps to change the below location to another drive. 

C:\program files\veritas\netbackup\logs


Thank you


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Thank you for the reply. 


The steps will work which you share by the article. However I was looking in the registry.


String Vaule:  Log Directory

C:\Program Files\Veritas\\NetBackup\logs

So my question is will changing the value here update the new path or do I have to still go through the symlink option. 


Thank you

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There used to be a TN about changing log location in the registry, but I cannot find it. 

I am not a Windows expert, so, I don't quite understand the meaning of the '\\'.

I have just tried the following on my laptop (I have NBU 8.0 Client installed) :

Stopped NetBackup Client Services. 

Modified Registry entry to: C:\Temp\\NetBackup\logs
Created all folders up to bpcd under C:\Temp.  (C:\Temp\NetBackup\logs\bpcd)

Started NBU Client Services again. 
Nothing under  C:\Temp\NetBackup\logs\bpcd.
Log file was created under original folder: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bpcd

Hopefully someone else can help with changing Registry entry....

Its same with me as well. But I would like to thank you for the reply as the article that you shared it works using link to another drive. 


Thank you