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What If DB BLIB Hot Incremental Backup Is executed after a DB Cold Backup

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We are using Veritas BLIB NetBackup v5.1 to backup a 4-TB database and it takes about 6 - 8 hours to complete a BLIB Hot Full Netbackup job on this database. Since a BLIB Hot Full NetBackup needs about 10 - 15% free space on each mount points for checkpoint files while NetBackup job is running, a question came up from my client and he wants to know whether the %Free of each mount points can be reduced to less than 5% if a Cold (BLIB) backup is taken instead of Hot Full BLIB Netbackup. i.e. it will not take any Hot Full BLIB Netbackup but will continue to take Hot Incremental Netbackup every day except the day that a cold (BLIB) Netbackup is taken.

My question is:

Will the first Hot Iincremental BLIB NetBackup after the cold (BLIB) Netbackup become a Hot Full BLIB NetBackup, or it will be just a normal Hot Incremental BLIB NetBackup?