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What and How is NetBackup 7

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Hello Guys,

I hope you are started evaluating NetBackup 7.0. It have lot of new features. Here are some of them.

New features:

Integrated deduplication
■ Client deduplication
■ Media server deduplication
■ OpsCenter
■ Convergence of NOM and VBR
■ Improved ease-of-use
■ Additional base reporting functionality
■ Direct upgrade path
■ Expanded and simplified deployment
■ OpsCenter Analytics
■ Turnkey operation to enable advanced, business reporting
■ Improved reporting features
■ NetBackup for VMware
■ Fully integrated with VMware vStorage APIs
■ New VM and file recovery from incremental backups
■ New recovery wizard
■ Tighter vCenter integration
■ Guided Recovery
■ New database agents and enhancements to existing agents
■ Exchange 2010 support
■ Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 client support
■ Enhancements to the NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent
- Support all Enterprise Vault 8.0 databases using the Enterprise Vault
Agent including the Fingerprint database, FSA Reporting database, and
Auditing database
- Enterprise Vault 8.0 support for granular quiescence
- Enterprise Vault Migrator is now included with NetBackup
■ Enhancements to the NetBackup for Hyper-V agent
- New file-level incremental backups
- Two types of off-host backup
- Hyper-V R2 and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)
- Flexible VM identification
■ Improved SharePoint Granular Recovery
■ New platform proliferation
■ NetBackup 7.0 supported platforms
■ NetBackup 7.0 feature notifications

Known Issues:

  • Domain is OpsCenterusers@domain not NOMBuiltin@domain ; that is an error in the documentation.  The userid and password are admin and password
  • Master server version reports NetBackup 3.4 incorrectly
  • After Windows Reboot, OpsCenter fails to start.  Fix is to Restart the Authentication Service then start the OpsCenter Services.
  • Pop-Up Blocker prevents the OpsCenter interface from initializing.  Turn off Pop-Up blocker to run OpsCenter.
  • On 64 bit windows systems, OpsCenter install or upgrade might fail. Install "VC2005 x86" from the DVD (<DVD Drive>\x86\Server\Prerequisites\vcredist_x86.exe)
  •  If OpsCenter installation failed due to any reason, the roolback and cleanup may not happen correctly in some scenarios. The fix is to execute the command “  SC DELETE OPSCENTERSERVER”
  • The Windows/Solaris installation will fail if the OpsCenter host is not part of any domain name. (host is not qualified with a suffix such as “”)  Workaround:  The solution is to add a domain suffix and then re-install
  • Drive throughput and Drive utilization reports don’t work in some scenarios
  • Creation of a custom report doesn’t work if user chooses Absolute timeframe option
  •  Deduplication reports (Size factor,  Protected Size vs. Backed up Size, Size Savings reports) don’t work in a PDDE environment. They only work in a standalone PureDisk environment.

I wanted all of guys to share new experience in working Netbackup 7.0.

Share us the New Finding/Errors.


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I found that "The Symantec NetBackup 7.0 Beta program is currently closed". Do you know if it's still possible to get 7.0 version for Solaris SPARC?

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That is a FINE cut and paste of TechNote 336166.

Symantec NetBackup 7.0 Beta Program

I'm a little curious if you had a reason for starting this thread beyond getting your 1 point, however.  ;)

OK, I see you also posted some Known Issues for OpsCenter.  Where'd you get those?  Hopefully we fix most of them before 7.0 comes out!

gavrilov, I think we're done bringing folks into this beta but it doesn't cost you anything to send an email to the address listed in that TechNote - worst that happens is they tell you "no."  :)

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 Crz.. i want to get more experience in Netbackup 7. this is not meant to get points.

that known issues is given by a symantec guy who is contacting Netbackup 7 beta.

I would like to know how other guys are doing with in their environment.

This post is just for guys who are testing Netbackup 7 in their. they can post their activities and issues facing.

Hope you got my point.

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CRZ, you are right. 
But then you see that the shop is "closed" i think it's not always good to knoсk and ask "Is it really closed?" :)

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Datacenters in Virtual Center Server are located in a folder and when tries to browse for virtual machines in the backup policy,
nothing shows up and no errors.

When moves the datacenters  from the folder , so that they are directly under the virtual center, the browse for virtual machines works just fine.

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My take on it is, if we didn't take the email address out, you can still use it.  :)  Dealer's choice!

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I'm already downloading 7.0 :) Thank you for good advice :)

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one of the features i liked is policy auditing in opscenter. You can keep track of policy changes and also gives you option to restore older version of the policy.

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If any one has used 7.0 wanted to know what is the upgrade process from 6.5 to 7.. nbpushdata is required or it is plain upgrade like 6.0 to 6.5?

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If you are talking about 7.0 Beta it only supports clean installation.

Quote from NB70_Beta_Priemer.pdf
"Upgrades from a previous NetBackup Alpha, Beta, or an earlier version of
NetBackup to this Beta release are not supported."

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For beta release clean install is alright..but once 7.0 is released there must be option to upgrade from previous enterprise release like 6.5

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1. Detailed policy change interface 2. Vm dns,display,uid name in a single policy 3. Windows NT policy type renamed to mswindows and more

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Does this Support VMware servers backed up directly without a VCB?

Not applicable
It will be interesting to see what recommendations/procedures are to upgrade for some server platforms. From the NetBackup 7 primer doc I read they are removing 32bit binaries of the software in favour of 64bit . Thats great.

But, I have a 32bit SLES 10 install as my NetBackup Master, running of course what was available at the time - 32 bit binaries for NetBackup 6.5
Now they are only releasing 64 bit binaries for v 7.0 of NetBackup servers on SLES.

So a new OS install, and fresh NB install if going to NetBackup 7.0? Then recover catalog?

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I thought if you were in the beta program you were not allowed to disseminate information on the product?

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Does anyone know if you can run NetBackup OPScenter in a NetBackup 6.5 environment? The reason I am asking is that we try to run NOM but it crashed a few weeks ago and we havn't been able to solve the problem and get the NOM up and running again (not even symantec support).

Kind Regards

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Hi Andreas,

I am also looking for that information. If you able to ind can you share it with me.


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I dont know for sure, but because NOM and backup reporter have always been able to monitor backwards compatible versions of NetBackup I think its safe to say that it will be able to. 

I was able to test this a few months ago and it is not comparible to NOM or backup reporter.  It functions similar to Command Central, but better in my opinion.

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I am in the process of getting my hands on th 7.0 Ops Center Code.  Once I have tested it I will reply with my results.