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What percentage of Netbackup server installations are on Windows OSs?

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Can anyone provide a percentage breakdown on the server OSs used for a Netbackup server install? Is it predominantly a *NIX product?

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We did have a similar question on the forum sometime back & the upshot of that was that most people preferred the stability of the *NIX platforms as opposed to the foibles (potential or otherwise) of a Windows based Master/Media server(s).

I for one have only had experience of a Solaris Master/Media & have had hardly any issues in the years I've been supporting it (back to version 4.5).

There's also the "comfort-zone" to consider - if you've only had exposure to Windows it may be wise to stick with it as otherwise you'd then have the leaning curve for a new OS alongside that of NetBackup!

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I have more windows servers then unix.

I have window xp/2000/2003/2008
I have aix/linux/mac

about 300 windows less the 50 unix.

(edit)  I have had both servers on windows and aix,  perfer aix, but as this is a mixed shop, I have to work on unix and windows when using NB client, so I have not see much difference.  Just perfer aix as I am an admin on that.

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I was at a recent Symantec presentation where the speaker said that there are more master servers on Windows than on any other operating system.  That doesn't mean it's the best platform but simply the most popular.

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We all know it takes more Windows servers to do the same work as a unix serverwink

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the majority of my customers are using windows servers.
But all my big customers are using unix, any flavor.

I have only one big customer that is using windows, as netbackup servers. And the funny think is that the backup admin is using bash for windows to do all the scripts he needs


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What I heard from a Symantec consultant:

Windows master server are good for up to 20 media servers. Going larger he recommend a UNIX master server.

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