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Level 3

Dears,I've years of  working experience in IT infras, but a greenhand in NBU. Now I've enrolled the self-paced courses in preparation of "Administration of Veritas NetBackup 10.x exam".

I was provided with leanning material  of 2 PDF books (nearly 2000 pages total): "Veritas NetBackup 10.0: Administration"  and  "Veritas NetBackup 10.0: Advanced Administration" .

My question is what's difficulty level of the exam, compared with questions provided after each lesson in above 2 books. Is it difficult to pass the exam and get a certificate?


Level 3

Sorry missed the title: Is it difficult to pass the NBU exam and get a certificate?

Level 6
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 the questions at the training are just for fun.
there is a sample exam on veritas site. use this a a guide. And the exam is difficult. you must have a degree of experience before going to the exam

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Generally they like putting questions about new & popular features on the cert tests as well as ones covering basic administration. For the new NetBackup cert test I'd expect to see questions covering:

  • basic NBU administration (setting up STUs, backups, restores, tape handling, tape drives, robots, Activity Monitor, etc. )
  • RBAC
  • WORM (and in particular Enterprise vs. Compliance modes)
  • Immutability vs Indelibility
  • basic Cloud setup
  • probably something general on database agent backups
  • IRE
  • Backup Anomaly detection
  • Malware scanning
  • maybe something on generating an API key
  • getting around in the web UI (and I'd be surprised if most/all screenshots didn't feature the web UI)
  • probably some questions on certs
  • Encrypting backups - NBU KMS, 3rd party key mangement, tape drive encryption, client-side encryption, etc.
  • MSDP and spoold/spad commands & config file locations
  • Tuning files

So yeah, if you could just memorize all of the admin guides this weekend, that'd be great.... =)

As was mentioned, experience using the features is the best way to get through the cert test. If you don't have that, study study study.

Good luck !