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What's wrong with the Support number?

Level 2

I've been waiting since Nov 3rd for an update to a Sev 1 NBU case that was opened on Nov 1st.
It's been 12  days since I opened the case and I've had to keep working on the problem for my cusomer.

I updated the case on Nov 3, Nov 7 and today - with test results, log files.,etc.
All the emails that I sent were appended to the case.
The last update date in the case changes to reflect MY attempts to contact Veritas support.

I do understand that there is a new support system and have tried to be patient.

The wait time has become ridiculous.  The last contact with me was supposed to be Nov 2nd.
Today, I tried calling the 1-866-837-4827 and direct number 1-866-837-4827.
I was disconnected whether I used 1 for tech support or didn't use 1 and waited on the line.
If I choose 1 for for tech support, then 1 for US Federal Agency - then I get a prompt for a case number before being disconnected.

 BTW, I called the Enterprise Vault number and was also disconnected.




Level 2

Good Grief - I just figured out that Veritas is screening on the phone number that you call from.
I was using a land line that is not my office land line and tried using my mobile number - and got thru.

Who dreamt this process up?  Why are calls being screened before a case number is entered?
What if I was at a customer location?


wow. that's stoopid with a capital S. excuse my japanese.

so i am not alone to experience a drop in support quality when it transitioned from Symantec.

fwiw, i always call support or raise a ticket when i know that the non-US timezone will pick up. that way i always get a timely response. that's just my experience. ymmv.

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