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Where does NBU write temp files of ACTIVE backup jobs?

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I can browse /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/ folder to view any completed backup by any client. Where does NBU write the details of an ACTIVE backup?

I want to know what files are getting written to tape as the backup progresses because I have one backup that is using tapes but the Admin GUI does not show what file it is working on. It seems to be either broken or is backing up one HUGE file that is taking a long time to write to tape. I do not have access to the windows client running the backup.





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That is where the temp file is. Thanks but it does not tell me what file it currently working on. I was hoping to have some info as to what file it may be stuck on before talking to the windows admin people.


Agan, thanks for the info.

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I tried this just before I left work, we only had one job running & that showed what path it was backing up & the kb/sec that it had been doing at set intervals until it got to the next path etc etc.

It's not a temp file, just a log essentially which I thought would give you the info you needed.

As a metter of interest, what type of backup is it?

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The info is written in the tmp directory, one level below the completed images.

However, the list of files is in the xxx.f file which is a binary file, only readable with the cat_convert command.

The correct method to see the files being backed up 'now' is to look in the bpbkar log.

From TECH29475

To display what file is being read, it is necessary to enable bpbkar_path_tr logging on the client.  This will create additional SelectFile: log entries in the bpbkar log that show the current file being read during the backup.
First, run the following commands on the client:
# cd /usr/openv/netbackup
# touch bpbkar_path_tr
# mkdir /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar

Finally, edit the /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf file on the client and add the entry:
It will not be necessary to restart the NetBackup daemons.  These changes will take effect the next time a backup is run.

( )

The trylogs (jobid.t) is simply the same details as seen in the Activity Monitor.



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...the original post, where he states that

1) It's a Windows client, and
2) he doesn't have access to it. :)

Here's another old one (I'm assuming it still works in later versions - correct me if I'm wrong!) which includes a Windows version of the bpbkar_path_tr instructions, but you WILL have to either be granted access to this client, or get someone who HAS access to the client to set this up and send you their bpbkar logs:

Usage specifics of the bpbkar_path_tr touch file to enable enhanced debug logging of the bpbkar process

Good luck!