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Which drive(s) utilize particular media?



I'm wondering if there was an easy way to extract information from NetBackup about a media (that went bad). I was hoping that there was a "bp" or "nb" command to list the tape drives used for a particular media/tape or backup image (eg. su20386_1307192442). Our Activity monitor goes back 7 days only. So, can you send me a command / script to run from my AIX NBU environment to see this information. I believe one of the drives in out library is causing lots and lots of problems.


JaY Son

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Try 'bperror -media -d

Try 'bperror -media -d <start-date> -e <end-date> |grep <media-id>'

You could also try Tape List report and use Filter to search for Media id.

Third option: look at /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/error file - it contains entries like this:

01/16/07 17:07:19 DFY079 2 WRITE_ERROR HP.SDLT600.002
01/17/07 00:02:32 DFY076 0 POSITION_ERROR HP.SDLT600.000
01/17/07 00:08:53 DFY079 6 WRITE_ERROR HP.SDLT600.006


File format in 6.x and 7.x :

The format for the log file entries is: <date> <time> <media id> <drive index> <TapeAlert error>

I have a script that will do

I have a script that will do this, send me the file from the media server (or servers if more than one).


Let me know the media id.

Send to martin<underscore symbol>


Many thanks,


Command I chose

Marianne - Thank you for the command. I tried this and it gave me a list of Tape I'ds (specifying the drive/index #). this leads me to believe that these tapes will need to be inspected thoroughly. Thanks again. :)

 - bperror -media -d 06/01/2011 -e 06/08/2011 | grep HPULTRIUM-TD05 | awk '{print $23}' | sort -u


Martin - I will send you the files and see what you can find for me. Thank you.