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Why NetBackup 8.2.x required Windows 2016/2019 Datacenter while using HPE StoreOnce

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I just configure Windows 2016 Standard Edition with NetBackup 8.2.0 using HPE StoreOnce 3600.

I found that NBU can not find OST storage eventhough I install right HPE Catalyse Plugin. So I checked with HCL/SCL from both HPE and Veritas.
1. HPE said that windows version is support but did not said what edition.

2. NBU said that windows version is support but datacenter edtion is required.

Currently I got confirmed from Veritas Presale and  my friend who was implement before. Datacenter of Windows is required. Now I want to know what is using from Datacenter edtion that Standard edition did not have.


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when you see HCL for NetBackup 8.x, it says in OST Storage Servers chapter:

5. Where support is shown for "Windows Server 2016 Datacenter" it also means that the other editions of Windows Server 2016 and Windows Storage Server 2016 are supported

I have one implementation of HP StoreOnce on a Windows Standard 2016 Media Server and it is working.

Note that when you define Storage Server, you must write "hp-StoreOnceCatalyst" type manually, it is not found automatically. Is this the problem you have?



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Even NBU OS SCL says the following:

NetBackup Master and Media Server is supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Editions: Standard and Datacenter. Not supported on "core" option.