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Why am i getting error 159? licensed use has been exceeded

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Today, i am seeing an error which i face for the first time in Netbackup Activity Monitor. The error code is 159, which says :

licensed use has been exceeded(159)

and in Detailed status, it says :

13/04/2017 05:17:31 - Error bpbrm(pid=5520) The licensed features for this system do not permit the use of a remote master server (NBU-1); make sure that the license key is entered properly.
13/04/2017 05:17:34 - end writing
13/04/2017 05:17:39 - Info bpbkar32(pid=0) done. status: 159: licensed use has been exceeded     
licensed use has been exceeded(159)

While, when i execute the command : bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose everything looks ok, please see the bellow picture.

All these steps are found in this forum, but i really didn't find a convenient solution for my problem.

Any help would be appreciated.





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Ensure the necessary feature keys are installed on the media server using the bpminlicense -add_keys command.


Please see the below article :

Hope this will help !

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The error is referring to 'remote master server ' that is not licensed.

Are you using AIR in the environment?

You would need Dedupe license (Data Protection Optimization Opt ) and Enterprise Server for that.

Have you perhaps been using a demo or NFR key that has now expired?

Hello Sir, thank you for your prompt reply.

Joint, is the result of execution of the requested command.

About the licenses, i jointin the original post the details of the licenses used in Netbackup, hope that i run the correct command to get that.


Hello Madame, we are not using Automated Image Restore feature.

And about Dedup. and Enterprize license, i believe that we have a standalone master/media server backing up about 22 clients (Windows/Linux).

About the NFR or Demo licenses, how can i find this information?

Thank you in advance.



Just saw your attached screenshot, Please ensure that a NetBackup Enterprise Server license key is applied to the remote media server, not a NetBackup Server license.

Hi, but all my backups were executed correctly before, and it's for a long time.

I add, that this error happened just for two policies at 03AM (GMT+1) this morning.

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Please tell us what kind of job is failing with this error.

We normally see this error when a SAN media server (with Enterprise Client license) has a Storage Unit defined without 'On Demand Only' selected or with a remote client name in the policy.

'bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose' should list valid and expired keys (hopefully).

Hello, without anything done to resolve my problem, i re-run the jobs and succeeded.

But, this leaves me unsure about my backups because it didn't work without anything done.

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You never told us what kind of backup this is?

You could try to log a Support call with Veritas to investigate, but it seems your version is '7.1 and earlier' which is no longer supported... 

Hello Madame, i'm sorry for the late answer.

About the clients that failed that time, one was an MS-WINDOWS policy for a WinServer 2008 client, and the other was a STANDARD policy for a RedHat Linux client. Both of them backs up ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

Thank you again.