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Will LTO 4 drive support LTO5 medias for Read Write data

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Hello All,

Im my environment, we have LTO 4 drives (configured but not in use now) and LTO 5 drives ( currently in use). Shall use this LTO4 drives for LT05 tapes for both read & write. In case if its work will there be any issue later while do recovery or change in configuration of writing method. I understand from some of the notes in LTO 4 drives supports LTO5 tape cardige for both read and write. Actually planning to use those drives for NDMP backups alone.

Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance.




Hi RaymT,

Unfortunately no, you cannot use LTO5 cartridges in an LTO4 drive.  LTO5 is newer, and so the LTO4 drive will not know how to handle it.  LTO drives can read and write their own "generation", They can read and write backwards one generation, and can read backwards two generations.

So an LTO5 drive can:

  • Read AND Write to LTO5 
  • Read AND Write to LTO4
  • Read LTO3 (but CANNOT write to it) 

So you can use older generation cartridges in newer generation drives but you cannot use newer generation cartridges in older generation drives.

Your LTO4 drives can:

  • Read AND Write to LTO4
  • Read AND Write to LTO3
  • Read LTO2 (but CANNOT write to it) 

Hope this helps,