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Windows 2003 server - Shadow Copy Components backup failing with status code 13

Level 2

Windows 2003 server ( NBU - 7.1 ) - Shadow Copy Components backup failing with status code 13. Master server - Linux -, Media server - Linux . Cluster server.

Only Shadow Copy Components is failing, all other drives are running fine.

tried the below no luck..

VSS writer - As per windows team. no error, no issues.

w2koption -backup -ignore_unresolved_volumes <volume:>  - ran this for all luck....

increased the timout values..

Attaching the bpbkar log for reference.


Level 6

Usually to troubleshooting VSS, you need the bpfis log on the client. has some good stuff about VSS problems.

The problem I have seen most often is a too small shadow storage area.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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As per the 1st point in Michael's signature - 'what has changed?'

Looking at the age of the (no longer supported) OS and very old NBU software, it must've worked previously, right?

W2003 was known for VSS issues and there used to be MS hotfixes, but no longer available when the OS reached EOSL.

Why is the client such old NBU software? Why not 7.6.x like the rest of the environment?

Please try to rename logs to .txt files (e.g. bpbkar.txt). We cannot open .log files on mobile devices.

Hi Michael/Marianne,  sorry for the late response. I have confirmed with windows team that nothing was changed. I have attached the logs again.


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It will help if you respond to points raised by myself and Michael....