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Windows Client Backup getting failed with status 24 after writing some data

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I am having a windows client whose backup get failed after writing some data each time i am trying to run backup. I have checked timeout values and network connection and everything is fine but still not able to take backup. 

Can anyone please help me in finding out the root cause and resolution. 


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Can you post the job log from activity monitor please, for the failing job?  Thanks.

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You will need to do some troubleshooting on your side as well us give us more to work with in order to find the root cause and resolution.

Status 24 means that the initial connection was fine, but 'something' outside of NBU killed the connection. 
So, troubleshooting status 24 needs you to investigate the environment - each compoment in the network stack between master, media and client.

How long does it take before the backup fails? 
Is there a firewall anywhere in the picture?
What is NBU version and OS on problematic clients?
What type of data is being backed up?

Have you create any log folders?
Although this is not a NetBackup problem, the logs will tell us what happened on the client w.r.t reading of data, sending data to bptm on media server and catalog info to bpbrm on media server.

Logs needed:

On client (for MS-Windows policy): bpbkar
For database backups, dbclient is needed for most types of db backup.
On media server: bpbrm and bptm

Level 3 logs should be sufficient.

Have you tried to go through the discussions under ' Related discussions' on the right?