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Windows Pagefile volume - NBU backs up the entire volume rather just its contents

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The backup data quantities on a couple of server don't make sense as they greater than what is being used.  I found each have a volume that has been formatted for pagefiles. 

My guess is the entire volume is being backed up and not what is being used ....correct? 

The directive is ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

They going into the exclude list as well.




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by default page file should be excluded from backups as per windows

verify the below registory key that page files is listed to make sure it is being exclued from backups.


 in addtion you can also try excluding the page file from backup by adding pagefile.sys in Exclude list.

let us know if you see the size difference after validating these settings.

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I would venture a guess that perhaps compression is enabled. Compressed filesystems are not backed up compressed, but are 'rehyrdrated'

Same if you backed up a NTFS deduplication volume.

Also, given that all local drives is used, if this server hosts DFSR, we will back up that data via System State.

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If you enable multiple data streams, there will be a separate job for each volume. This will enable you to pinpoint the 'culprit'.