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acsls robot and drive integration in NBU

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I need assistance to integrate ACSLS robot and drive to NetBackup. I set the ACS robot thru jnbSA and ran device configuration wizard but the drive was detected but were not "attached" to my ACS robot.

I guess that I am missing simething !

Could someone help me ?


Level 6
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With ACSLS config, there is still a portion of the config that needs to be done manually.

Best to first go through Chapter 8 of NetBackup Device Configuration Guide

 This chapter includes the following topics:
■ About Oracle StorageTek ACSLS robots
■ Sample ACSLS configurations
■ Media requests for an ACS robot
■ About configuring ACS drives
■ Configuring shared ACS drives
■ Adding tapes to ACS robots
■ About removing tapes from ACS robots
■ Robot inventory operations on ACS robots
■ NetBackup robotic control, communication, and logging
■ ACS robotic test utility
■ Changing your ACS robotic configuration
■ ACS configurations supported
■ Oracle StorageTek ACSLS firewall configuration

Some extracts:

When you configure ACS drives as robotic in NetBackup, you must include the
ACS drive coordinate information.

During the setup phase, the NetBackup Device Configuration Wizard tries to
discover the tape drives available. The wizard also tries to discover the positions
of the drives within the library (if the robot supports serialization).

To configure shared drives in a nonserialized configuration    (I have seen this with serialized drives as well)
1 Run the NetBackup Device Configuration Wizard on one of the hosts to which
drives in an ACS-controlled library are attached. Allow the drives to be added
as stand-alone drives.
2 Add the ACS robot definition and update each drive to indicate its position in
the robot. Make each drive robotic and add the ACS, LSM, Panel, and Drive

Manual steps if Device Wizard does not add drive co-ordinates / position: 

Run this command on ACSLS server: 

ACSSA> display drive * -f type serial_num

Note drive co-ordinates and serial numbers.

On (each) media server, run this command to see serial numbers and drive paths: 
/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpautoconf -t 

Use above output to fix drive address in NBU. 


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You need to define a robot first - restart media manager else the acsssi acsss and acssd won't go active and the configure the drives with panel, row, column.