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activer le log au niveau de client et resoudre le probleme de backup RMAN

Level 3


s'il vous plait je veux activer le log au niveau des client solaris sur tous que les backups bases des donnes oracle par rman sont toujours echoueés.

log rman:



RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ch00 channel at 11/02/2014 20:31:02

ORA-27192: skgfcls: sbtclose2 returned error - failed to close file

ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:

   VxBSAEndTxn: Failed with error:

   The transaction was aborted.

continuing other job steps, job failed will not be re-run




Level 6

If I understand it correct, this a new client.

Create the bphdb & dbclient log directories on the client

For a more general troubleshooting guide see:

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue