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an easier way to update Windows exclude lists?

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I am assuming that using bpgp is not possible because the values are stored in the registry rather than a file? If bpsetconfig can do this, I guess that you need to write the entire contents to it? I only want to make some additional entries.
Is there even a way to specify multiple directories via the GUI? For example, copy and paste a string with multiple exclusions (ie, recognising a new-line character), rather than each individual entry?

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> I am assuming that using bpgp is not possible

that is a correct assumption

> Is there even a way to specify multiple directories via the GUI?


There is a thread somewhere that describes how to script this request, but I don't have the time to locate it now. Hopefully some windows people will read this and lend a helping hand. Otherwise try google or some other search engine because I know this has been answered before.Message was edited by:
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check this link

Create the file with all you excludes and then loop through the list of
clients and run the bpsetconfig command on each client:


Exclude list:
Exclude = c:\
Exclude = d:\temp
Exclude = pagefile.sys

The file will contain a list of _everything_ you want (80 lines will
work fine). It is also important to remember that this is a REPLACEMENT
of what is there. It does not append to the existing vaules.

Your best bet is to set it up manually on one client and then get the
format using bpgetconfig. Just take that output of the Exclude = entries
and put it into your file for the bpsetconfig command.

David Rock

and check this link


I have just made this bat script to distribute a standard exclude list to all
our Windows Clients.


bat script
SEt NBADM=D:\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd

REM ******* Get list of Windows clients **************
%NBADm%\bpclclients -allunique -noheader | find /i "Windows" >

REM ******* Get exclude_list from clients and add standard list
for /f "tokens=3" %%i in (c:\temp\client_list) do (
%NBADM%\bpgetconfig -M %%i Exclude > c:\temp\%%i.exclude_list
type c:\temp\windows.exclude_list >> c:\temp\%%i.exclude_list

REM ******* Set new exclude_list on clients *****************
for /f "tokens=3" %%i in (c:\temp\client_list) do (
%NBADM%\bpsetconfig -h %%i c:\temp\%%i.exclude_list

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Can you specify multiple exclude lists using this method? eg. policy specific ones?

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What does the registry entry look like for an exclude that uses policy/schedule?

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Messy! Its actually contained inside the exclude value in the registry key. So I guess it would somehow need to be incorporated in the string...

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Its mostly answered, but have posted additional query...