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anyone knows if Open Text Socks application is compatible/certified with NBU ?

my customer is running NBU 7.1.01 and they had an issue connecting to the client on Windows 2003 with error code 68.

They discovered that the issue was caused by the open text socks application. They were using Open Text Socks Client x64 Version:

Uninstalling the open text socks application, the backup test was successful .


Is there anyone who knows  which socks supported by NBU ?



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NBU does not support any 3rd

NBU does not support any 3rd party software.

However, if you log a support call with BOTH Symantec and the vendor of "Open Text Socks" then they may be able to look into why the problem is happening.  

However, it is for "Open Text Socks" to 'lead' the investigation with the assistance of Symantec - it is their software that is 'breaking' NetBackup, not Symantecs fault.



tks Martin we already

tks Martin

we already replayed customer that is the 3rd party sw that caused the problem on NBU. The question is if we are aware of a socks sw version that works with  NBU ?


Not that I can find - best

Not that I can find - best bet is to see if the issue can be fixed.