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archive bit

Is there any one knows why archive bit ? and who controle archive bit ?

how server  find archive bit  status?

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Wow! So, you ask a Windows

Wow! So, you ask a Windows question and tick every available subject except Windows!

Archive bit and how it relates to Full and Incremental backup is explained in NBU Admin Guide I :

Just search the pdf for 'archive bit'.

Dude - Use Google. It's free and provide such information in seconds.

nicolai you are Wright but it

nicolai you are Wright but it will not give exact meaning I feel in Symantec there is some experts are there    that’s why I am asking here otherwise I will go through Google (expert will give exact meaning and he knows how to solve  but google can’t be expert it will give’s the matching result’s )yes

Sorry, I'm missing something

Sorry, I'm missing something - solve what?

I don't see any 'problem' that needs solving?

You asked a theoretical question. 
Theory is answered in the manuals.
I have posted a link to the Admin Guide that will tell you how NBU interacts with the archive bit.

You can also use Google as follows to narrow down the search:

can u people can tell me the

can u people can tell me the best artical's on u r site

    that is based on vmware protection and sap protection i have seen sum articals that is excelent


can u tell me other orticals on how to protect vmvare and SAP and Exchange server


u r artical's are excelent then google search that's why i prefer Symantic experts

You new questions is nothing

You new questions is nothing related to archive bit.

Please create new discussion for new questions rather than continuing here.

I have moved request for

I have moved request for articles to a new discussion:

It seems we have answered your archive bit query. Please close off this discussion by selecting the post that has helped you most and Mark as Solution.