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awaiting resource Any - No drives are available

I can do the inventory of the tape, But when i do the backup process, the message show is "awaiting resource Any - No drives are available". and status details show "Drives are in use in storage unit. (__ANY__)". At that time, the tape library status is "up".
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resource allocations

Run the following command.

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbrbutil -resetall

NOTE: This make all running jobs to fail because this will clear all allocations held by nbrb


Was this ever fixed?

Has this been fixed at a certain release of 6.5?  It just started happening for me and I'm very frustrated at this point.

no drives are available

I had one drive defect and one ok. NetBackup not even try to load tapes, no status 800 only : no drives are available.

When I tried to read the content of a tape, NetBackup mounted the tape but never begin to read it.

Erasing and cleaning a tape seem to be the only things to work.

After reading on the case of no drives are available, I note the status 800, but it was not the case here. I decide to rollback from NB to NB 6.5.3. Same thing,no drives are available even if one drive is up and running and the other was delete from NetBackup.

I rollback from NB 6.5.3 to NB 6.5 and suprise, it worked. I made some tests and NetBackup recognise that at least one tape drive was running. I re-install NB 6.5.3 and the problem came back. It seems that some verification about the physical ressources such as tape drive prevent backup to be take if one drive is bad. The problem appeared with NB 6.5.3 and is still there with NB

Actually, I'm running NetBackup with one tape drive at the version NB 6.5. As soon as the second tape drive will be replace, I'll re-upgrade at NB