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backint ERROR: need to specify (-p) ERROR: incorrect parameter options

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Hi all,

We have moved to Oracle 12 (with SAP) and i've had no problem backing up the systems until today. I've run into a strange issue.

If I run either of these commands 

brarchive -u / -c -d util_file -sd
brbackup -u / -c -d util_file_online -t online -m all

(which is what I run on 12 other systems without error) I receive an error:


BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-04-24 16:38:03
BR0229I Calling backup utility with function 'backup'...
BR0278I Command output of 'backint -u GD1 -f backup -i d:\oracle\gd1\sapbackup\.
bevrhdyf.lst -t file_online -c':
ERROR: need to specify (-p)
ERROR: incorrect parameter options
backint: usage:
backint -u user_id -p param_file [-o output_file] [-i input_file]
-f backup|restore|inquire|delete [-t file | file_online]

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-04-24 16:38:03
BR0279E Return code from 'backint -u GD1 -f backup -i d:\oracle\gd1\sapbackup\.b
evrhdyf.lst -t file_online -c': 2

BR0232E 0 of 16 files saved by backup utility

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-04-24 16:38:03
BR0231E Backup utility call failed

Now, I can easily specify -p and point to the .sap file and the brarchive and brbackup commands works fine, but, never had to in the past. I would like to keep these systems as uniform as possible. 

brbackup on other systems would pass -p to backint without having to specify it in the script. Does anybody know where the d:\oracle\<sid>\12102\database\init<sid>.sap is speicifed (either in the .util file,or perhpas somehwere else) 

In other words, how does brtools know about the .sap file so that I don't have to specify it manually.

Thanks all



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I think that  ORACLE_SID  and ORACLE_HOME environment variables must be set for the user who runs the script. Could you check it, please?


Yes, all looks good. My script which is a copy from other systems, sets all the variables and I ensured to match the SID with the proper one for this system. Thanks for the respond friend.


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Can you confirm that NBU Client and Legacy client services are running as SAP admin/dba with local admin rights?


Hi Marianne!,


Yes, both the netbackup services are using the correct credentials.