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backup failed Active Directory

hi everybody,

im  trying the creat a policy of backup active directory, i need backup the objects like "DC=internal", but i when execute the backup in the client, show me the next log,

"Backup by "account" on client "name_of_server_client":the specified policy does not exist in the configuration database."

the policy have the next specificacions;

is ms-windows

the backup selections is System State:\

i hope your help. 

the master server is a version 8.0, linux.


2 Replies

Re: backup failed Active Directory

Are you starting the backup from the NetBackup admin console, or are you trying to start the backup by selecting files in the Backup and Restore application ("BAR GUI") on the client?  Starting a backup from the BAR GUI needs a USER schedule type with an open time window. To use your policy and FULL schedule, you need to start the backup from the NetBackup admin console.

Re: backup failed Active Directory

If you want granular recovery for Active Directory, then please read through this section in NBU Admin Guide I:

Active Directory granular backups and recovery