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Hi, my master and media servers are NBU 7.1 on windows 2008 r2 sp1. Most of my clients are on windows 2003/2008 platforms. I'd like to install NBU 7.1 client on these clients and the backup selection will be ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

My questions are:

1. Does backup of ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES require snapshot? If yes, how to enable and/or configure the snapshot?

2. During client installation, we can select to install the veritas snapshot component. Do I need to select it to install in order to back up ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES?

Thanks in advance.


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Snapshot backups for Windows clients is enabled by default on the NBU master.

The default in NBU 7.1 is Microsoft VSS.

This can be disabled on the Master Server Host Properties -> Master -> Client Attributes. Client names do not exist by default in this part of master config. To make any changes for specific clients, add the client names and then select snapshot options on the right. You can read up in Admin Guide 1 on these options.

As far as I know, backup of Shadow Copy Components (part of ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES) needs snapshot.

Ensure your Windows clients have up-to-date VSS patches/hotfixes.

There are instances where the client itself has a 3rd party snapshot provider installed and might be used by default. See

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