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backup report only for tape

Level 3

Hi All,

I am looking for the daily,weekly, monthly data written on tape only to review tape drive requirement and tape media. I am not getting correct or required information from tape reports from console and also we dont have opscenter.


more information about infra,

1. We have SLP where some of them have second copy on tape.

2. Some of backup directly going to tape - which can be pulled from backup report

3. Some of the backups only runs on weekend or monthly through SLP.


Please guide me to get such report.

expected field (if possible)

policy name - media server name - backup/data size - backup date - retention -



Thank you in advance


Level 5

Hi Parag,

You can use "Tape Written" report in GUI or "bpimagelist" command to get this information.

For all media servers.
"C:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpimagelist" -media -l -d <start_date> -e <end_date>

For a specific media server.
"C:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpimagelist" -media -l -d <start_date> -e <end_date> -server <media_server_name>





Hi Anshu,

Thank you for your response. i have tried this option earlier but didnt get report what i am expecting. This report will show data written on media, if a media has old data and appended by new day data today ,then  size in report will be addition of old +new data which giving me wrong inputs. correct me if my understanding on this is wrong.

I need this report to forcase tape drive details. if my drives are really busy to write data or all are ideal.

Thank you

Hi Parag,

Size is as per backup images in specified date range, so it will not consider older data for calculation. As you can see in the screenshot below same media reporting different KB values as per Date/time range. 



Thanks Ansu, i will try this again and try to calculate data