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backups failing in one policy

Level 5
Hi All,
I have a backup issue here, error code 13. But its not the exact issue i guess.
My enviroment:
OS-windows server 2003
NBU version- 6.5
Server - client

Issue: Backups are failing, as there is no data transfer bw client and master in one policy. But another policy is showing no problems, here backups are completing successfully.But Strange thing is here that when i initiated the backup the bpbkar log start increasing its size. It will grow till i cancel the job......can anyone suggest on this plzzz

Level 6
"...there is no data transfer bw client and master in one policy. But another policy is showing no problems..."

or are you referring to different policies & different clients?

I would look in that bpbkar log that is "increasing in size". This should provide a little more info on why the job is failing.

Look in the following for error code 13:

This Technote contains a table for NetBackup's Status Codes, with links to potential resolutions fo...

there is also the following:

In-depth Troubleshooting Guide for Exit Status Code 13 in NetBackup Server (tm) / NetBackup Enterpr...

but please be aware that at the time of posting this Symantecs ftp server is "playing up" again so you may not actually be able to download the pdf that this refers to! Altho' in all honesty, it doesn't tell you a great deal!

The main cause of status code 13 generally stems from the network interface card (NIC) on the client. It is possible that other components of the network can also play a part in the generation of this error code.
It is strongly suggested to review the settings of the network path used to get from the client to the media server. Ensure that all ports, cards and switches are set to the same media and transport type (Example: 100base Full Duplex).
On the Windows clients network errors are seen as 10054 and 10053 errors in the bpbkar logs. These errors may also present themselves in text format in both UNIX and Windows logs as:
• A connection was reset by the remote Host
• Software caused a connection to abort
These messages indicate that a socket was closed based on a network stack issue.

Level 6
that deals with exit status 13:

The gist of the technote is changing the client read timeout to a value of 1800 or greater, but there are some specific errors that you should look for in your logs that would indicate that this is your issue, and you can check that error out in the technote.