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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup Exchange 2007 GRT backup failed status 20

after upgrade to from 0.3 Exch. GRT backup (app cluster) failed  storage unit is on MSDP       11:55:01 PM - Info nbjm(pid=7448) starting backup job (jobid=30633) for client ########, policy Exch_07_GRT, schedule Full    11:55:01 PM - Info nb...

Resolved! Flashbackup on RHEL fails with error 156

Hi, VxSF 5.1 on RHEL5. Using vxfs snapshot method works perfect if only one raw device is in the directive list. the vxcache setting is configured in the snapshot options with a 100GB cache LUN, so I know space is not the issue. 2 seperate DG's, one ...

Resolved! Slow backup performance

Hi   We have extremely slow performance in our new netbackup environment. It cannot do more than 8mb/sec. We don't have many clients running backups on this except few NDMP shares and nbu servers backing up itself. Here is the info about our environm...

spenukon by Level 4
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Resolved! LTO2

Hi,   Can my LTO2 tape backup run on LTO4 tape drives and vice versa?   What is the logic behind this all.Lto4 tape restore on LTO 2 drives?

Resolved! NetBackup - VMware virtual machines

Hi,    I was wondering if it is possible to restore a VM with a new UUID and a different  display name, to the same location?   Let me explain... there are  6 VMs  (2 PROD, 2 DEV and 2 QA) running on  3-ESX servers configured as a cluster. I would li...

mmeeggaann by Level 5
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Resolved! Backup NAS directory

Hi Folks, if I need to do a backup of just one directory on a NAS client how can I go about doing this? Do all NAS backups have to be performed using NDMP? Thanks!

Vmware backup query

Hello, I'm working on an infrastructure nbu 7.1 and backup virtual servers in vmware. my question is if anyone knows answer me: Is that it is the vmdk  is backuped or the data used backup ? Exemple : I'm a virtual server with 2 drive  C:(15Gb used)...

nbuexploit by Level 2
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Resolved! Disable logging Netbackup 7.1.04

Currently I'm generating a fair amount of logs. I've had to use them off and on in the past to troubleshoot things. The biggest one is bpbkar which generates some substantial logs, but also nbjm, nbemm, nbconsole to name a few. In the Host Properties...

No of clients per policy

All, Just want to know how many clients we can add to one individual policy. We will have DD990 by this month end with 540 write streams. We will have approximate 700 VMs and 200 physical servers in the environment. VMs will be backed up using VADP a...

tarangdce by Level 4
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Resolved! I am trying to do a restore redirect

I am trying to restore data that was backed up on one client and restore it to a directory on another machine through the command line. I have many backups that have to be done. I want to automate the process. I am using the following CL syntax.     ...

Resolved! Resotre issue - ERROR 85 from media manager

We are getting error code 85 for many media while performing restores(exchange and file resotres). On checking the media status it is showing "Frozen suspended". Tried to duplicate the images from the media but that also fails with same error. Are th...

KS2 by Level 5
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Resolved! Oracle fullbackups status 6

HI, please help a Tech in distress. My full backup of some Oracle db ends with 6. so again please advice.. the dbclient log (verbose 2) says nothing to help. channel ch00: starting piece 1 at 11-OCT-12 channel ch02: finished piece 1 at 11-OCT-12 pi...

Need clarification

Hi All,   Befire migration the NBU software has installed under “E:\veritas\” , but currently the NBU installed under “E:\Program Files\VERITAS”, after migration setup is running fine. Here my concern  , If any DR required can we restore entire data ...

Installing Netbackup client alongside "passive" server software

Hi, Right, A bit of background on our setup/environment............................   Production Site : Linux master server with both the NBU 7.0.1 installation and database on SAN replicated LUNS. DR Site : Linux master server (NO NETBACKUP INSTALLA...

nick80 by Level 4
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Resolved! Drives are showing in AVR control on media server

I have newly configured a media server. But drive are showing in AVR mode. We have other media servers in the environment they all are working good with ACS server. Things i checked. Robtes error:   1)  ACS 0   2)  none/quit Enter choice: 1 Robot ...

Resolved! Changing Netbackup Master server Ip address

Good Day Sirs, I was trying to change the IP address of my MASTER server. After doing so the netbackup master can't be used. I was wandering is there a set of steps in order to properly change the MASTER serves ip address without affecting its perfor...

RJay by Level 3
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Resolved! directory inside /home partition is skipped during backup

Hello All,   I am trying to perform simple backup using Netbackup 7.1 on RHEL 6.2 version. backupset is /home/data/00006 . While performing backup, I am getting this error: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Back...

Resolved! Error 41 Network Connection Timeout

Hello Experts,   I am facing status code 41 in my environment stating Network Connection Time Out. Ping and network connectivity everything was fine We are having Netbackup 7.1 version for both MASTER , MEDIA and CLIENTS. Thanks, Nayab

Resolved! Domain Controllers Backup

Dear Experts,   I have Symantec Netbackup 7.5 Domain controllers 2008   I am currently backup up my domain controllers using a policy that backups the shadow copy components of type ms-windows, with weekly full backup and daily differential incerment...