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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Changement de solution Networker vers Netbackup

Bonjour, Je suis en pleine reflexion pour une migration de l'outil Networker vers Netbackup. Existe t'il des bests practices pour basculer d'un logiciel à un autre?   Est-il possible d'installer les deux logiciels sur la même plateforme? (qu'en est-i...

bspinec by Not applicable
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Resolved! Veritas net backup taking huge C: drive space

Hello,   Veritas net backup is taking huge C: drive space that causes space issues.. screenshot attached which doesn't look normal.. is there a way to reduce the size of it ... by moving the files on it which should not affect the backup and restore....

SRT creation failed for kernel version reason

Netbackup version: 7.5 The creation of SRT worked fine with dvd whom solaris kernel version is the one used to install netbackup software. While performing Prepare To Restore, I got the following warning: [Info] V-126-78  WARNING: The kernel versiono...

eomaber by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrade 6.5 to NETBACKUP 7.5

In my LIVE Env, i have SUN machine SPARC Entry Server. NetBackup 6.5 master/media on it. Requirement is to upgrade it to 7.5 Master/Media and clients ORACLE RMAN Backups on solaris machines.   kindly correct me if i am wrong. the steps i will follow ...

Resolved! need to run "bpbackup -i -p xxx" from non-root user

Hi   I need a way of our ops team running manual backups. They can't have full netbackup admin rights. bpbackup -i -p <policy> seems perfect.  I can run it from root but not from non-root I want to create a script where they can log in and run manual...

Resolved! WWn number and device troubleshooting

**** Moved to new discussion from  **** Passthru Name : in scan never gave me the WWN number.... Device Name  : "/dev/rmt/15cbn" Passthru Name: "/dev/sg/c20t2l0" Volume Header: "" Port: -...

Oracle Export Dump (expdp) and Netbackup

I would like to take an export dump from Oracle 11g Release 2 (using expdp utility not traditional export) directly to tape using Netbackup. Is there any workaround to perform this or any UNIX level scripting can help me to achieve this. My Netbackup...

hemsh by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.5 on Linux Redhat 6

Hi All, Im trying to install Netbackup 7.5 on Linux RedHat 6 but i encounter eroor while im installing.. I would want to ask for help about this error I am experiencing. Thanks.

Jojie by Level 4
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VMware VMDK Files Backup USing NBU 7.5

Hi All, I wanted to backup VMware (ESX 4.1) VMDK files of powered on Virtual machines. The storage is allocated from Hitachi Storage NBU MASTER/MEDIA NBU 7.5 on Solaris 10. Can you please advice me how to backup VMDK files using NBU on to tape.      ...

vamsivaddi by Level 5
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NetBackup Licensing Policy for Solaris Containers

Hi, We are to provide a backup solution for Solaris containers. Each of the continers have more than 1TB of data to be backed up the option is to use Enterprise client in a non virtualized environment. According to avaiable documentation NetBakcup ha...

Resolved! slp

We have SLP in our environment Copy 1 goes on Data domain Copy 2 on tape. Our tape library was down for 4 -5 days. Now i want to initiate all my duplication jobs.How to check what all are pending and how to initiate?   nbstlutil

Arun_K by Level 6
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Resolved! catalog media

Is there any command from which we can get to know which tapes were used for catalog backup ?

NBU35 by Level 6
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NetBackup 7.0.1 and Windows 2008 R2 system state not included

I have a ticket open with Symantec about this same issue, however is taking some time. We use NetBackup 7.0.1 Build 20100707.  We are currently trying to use the *:\ directive or Shadow Copy Components:\ and even the System State:\ directive.  The ba...

juliank by Level 3
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Resolved! Replicating between volume pools

Is there a quick and easy way to replicate between volume pools in NetBackup?  I have data that I want to keep in my local data center for fast recovery, but I also have to store data in a separate location for long term SOX compliance.

Resolved! Backup Stand alone system

Hi, I have a question here Master server: Windows 2008 NBU 7.1 Client: Windows 2008 and NBU 6.5 I have a master server which is the member server in domain and am trying to take the backup of stand alone server (not a member server of any domain). Am...