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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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How to configure Sharepoint Policy running on HyperV

Hi, How do i go about configuring a sharepoint policy to backup my sharepoint running on HyperV. I have 2 web and app HyperV machines in 1 server, my db is on another physical server. So far i have see the link below and on the Netbackup Sharepoint d...

Resolved! BMR restore - allocation failed(10)

Hi While doing BMR restore in activity monitor job failed with allocation failed 10 error. Please find the failed detail status below   10/10/2012 3:50:58 AM - begin Restore 10/10/2012 3:50:59 AM - restoring image VPS-Diff-Bkup-Test_1349732030 10/1...

Resolved! Oracle backups doing very slow, potentionally failing with status 13

Hello Netbackup experts! I'm facing couple of weeks to problem with one client. There is running a oracle online backup to tape via sbt_tape Oracle version is 10.2. running on solaris 10 client, netbackup version 6.5.6 Netbackup MS is 6.5.6 version, ...

frena by Level 3
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Resolved! Status 811 after upgrade to

**** Moved to new discussion from **** Upgrade of Clustered master server was successful. But some Media server  backup filed with status 811.    

animalman by Level 4
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I hope that version is being worked on....

Our sites just jumped from>7.5.0-> (and 2.0.3->2.5.0->2.5.1 on our 5220's) and here's the list so far of stuff that worked in 7.1 that doesn't quite work in 7.5:   1) On the Detailed Status tab of Job Details the Current File field is...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! Migrating master role

I have a 7.1 Windows media/master server that I need to migrate off just the master role to a new VM server. I have read most of the technotes and information I can find. I will be keeping the same OS, same hostname and same install path for NBU. I a...

jpench by Level 3
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Service accounts for NetBackup Client

Hi all, Can somebody tell what rights are needed to run NetBackup Client services on Windows for non admin account and non Local System Account? i found this and found this htt...

sirin_zarin by Level 4
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Flashbackup Windows failed with Status 13

Copy of an exising job that works fine.  Only things different are the server and the Storage. 10/7/2012 4:14:58 PM - Info nbjm(pid=10448) starting backup job (jobid=162127) for client atl-sc-cmms-01.shl.shlroot.local, policy ATL-SC-CMMS-01_SnapShot,...

Resolved! NB 7.5 + DD880 vtl - no tapes from inventory

Environment: Master Server = RHEL 6 (VM) Media Server = RHEL 6 VTL = data Domain DD880 w/ code   NetBackup sees the robot and the drives.  We just cannot get any tapes to show up doing an inventory.  Here is where I'm at so far:   ===========...

dukbtr by Level 4
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Resolved! Client Interchange

I have a client runnin image level backup ( whole vm ) in flash backup-windows policy  and i have 3 policies likewise and as a part of an activity i just remove the vm client from exixting policy and then added it to another flashbackup policy in the...

Yuvi by Level 5
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Resolved! Error bptm(pid=2600) The tape device at index -1 has a maximum block size of 32768 bytes, a buffer size of 65536 cannot be used

Netbackup Server = OS = Windows 2003 R2 Tape Drive = Standalone policy = Flat file backup   Activity Monitor 10/9/2012 7:02:15 PM - Info nbjm(pid=1372) starting backup job (jobid=11274) for client tech-server1, policy IRISVSS, schedule IRISVS...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Little queries

Hi ALL, Please can someone clear my doubts:(catch to the concept) If i delete my storagt unit from GUI right click and delete.So in that case my drives will also will be deleted from NBU?If my library is replaced.a new library is being attached.What ...

Resolved! sql

In batch script, What is the role of Browse client tab?

Arun_K by Level 6
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Added 2 new drives, NBU not using them

Hello, appologize for newb question... I installed 2 new lto4 drives in my spectra t120, got them zoned in on my switch, and they show up normally in NBU 7.5 however the drives just sit there and do not do anything while the other 4 drives run all ni...

pmc214 by Level 5
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Resolved! SQL 7.1

  NUMBER OF BUFFERS PER STRIPE TheNUMBEROFBUFFERSPERSTRIPE parameter affects buffer space availability. This parameter is set in the NetBackupMSSQL Client interface for each operation. NetBackup uses this parameter to decide how many buffers to alloc...

Resolved! bpsetconfig to delete an entry

Hello to everybody,   I need your help..  I would to delete an entry into bp.conf file on a lot of unix hosts. Is it possible using the "bpsetconfig" ? or with this command i can only add/update a "new" configuration ? In this last case how can i del...

Resolved! Maximum data streams

I am having doubts regarding "Maximum data streams" in Admin guide. Please help me to clarify whether my understanding is right or wrong (In italic format)   Specifies the maximum number of jobs that are allowed at one time for each selected client. ...