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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Deleting Tape Drives and robot + NBU 6.54

Hi All, I have two libraries namely LibA and LibB, each with five tape drives.The drives from both the libraries are zoned across 70 servers (SAN and LAN).  I want to decommission (delete) LibB and its drives from netbackup end. Kindly let me know if...

Resolved! Change Of Tape Library - Netbackup 7.1

Hi, Am planning to change my existing Tape Library to the newer device from IBM, the interface is FC and also with new LTO5 media. Am not completely into NetBackup and i have not worked much on NBU. Need to know the following: -Collecting the require...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.0.1 cannot backup \System Volume Information\SRM\

Hi,   I'm using Netbackup 7.0.1 and I cannot backup "\System Volume Information\SRM\" recently. The result show Status "1": can't open file:\System Volume Information\SRM\ (WIN32 32: The                     process cannot access the ...

Resolved! As agents installed on Solaris System

I have a server with Solaris operating system. within the operating system is a database. I wonder, as I can back up that database?

Marduk by Level 4
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Can't get policies list from Netbackup gui.

Hi All, I have a Solaris 10 netbackup server and Solaris 10 clients. The netbackup version is 7.5. I have got this situation: bprd and bpdbm not started. bprd deamon started from Gui nbpem deamon started from Gui Both above returned to status stopp...

eomaber by Level 4
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Resolved! disk volume

I want to now where to create disk volume and what are the basic steps of creating it?

error : Upgrade NBU 7.1 on Suse

Hello     I hvae upgraded NBU 7.1 (from 6.5) client on SUSE servers , but found some error message during install : For the SUSE 10 , the install trace  show some error  :    gunzip  : /usr/openv/java/NB-Java.tar.gz: unexpected end of file.    gunzip...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! Flash Backup to backup file server

Hello, We have a cluster file Server(Windows 2008) with over 4 lakh images stored under one directory. When ever the backup process initiates on this server, the users accessing the images face slowness. More over the backup runs for almost a week as...

Resolved! Catalog recovery from AIX 5.3 NBU 6.5.6 master to OEL 5.8 NBU 6.5.6 master, successful but no storage units or storage unit groups recovered.

I performed a catalog recovery from AIX 5.3 NBU 6.5.6 master to OEL 5.8 NBU 6.5.6 master.  Catalog recovery was successful. Three jobs completed with status 0. All master server data appears to be recovered: policies, images, host properties, Media, ...

Resolved! Cannot select clients using the "automatically through query"

All, We are trying to configure the vCenter backups for vmware using netbackup 7.5 and vmware 4.x and 5.x. I can back my servers up no problem but I can only select clients manually. If I use "Select automatically through query" and go to the query b...

What are the prerequisites for installing netbackup server?

I have faced an interview recently and was asked such question "what are the prerequisites for installing netbackup". Can anybody give me a appropriate answer, irrespective of Unix/Windows. and can anybody provide me interview questions for Netbackup...

Scheduling Without Excludes

We are using 6.5. Many policices are set to run dily incrementals, weekly fulls and monthly fulls.  We run our monthly fulls on the last night of the month, so if a job starts between noon and midnight it will be scheduled to run on the last day of t...

A timeline of all policies backup windows

Hello, Is there a way to create a timeline of all existing policies in netbackup? I need to see all the policies backup windows in a single chart to reorganize the system. Thank you, Regards  

Slot limitations within NBU

Is there any slot limitations pertaining to Tape Drive licenses ? we have approx 400 slot in library and if we add 200 medias at time and perform inventory it doesn't allows,,,... oveheard of license limitations but guide says different ... slot limi...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Questions and issues on basicdisk storage clean up

Hello all, I'm new to NBU 7.1 and I'm faced with a BasicDisk Storage UNIT full We are running NBU on a Linux RedHat 2.6 Master server,which is configured with a 7TB BasicDisk storage unit, storing backup images. Data are backed up only on dis...

Backuping affiliates server's data

Hi,  In my job we have 400 affiliates, and we use backup exec to backup all data in servers located in that affiliates (local DLT drives). I'm looking for any tool to backup affiliates server's data over our data links , storing server's data in our ...