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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Retention Period

I am trying to create new Retention of 2 Weeks on my Master server running From Master Gui, I selected a Level 12 and updated from infinity to 2 Weeks and applied "2 weeks" retention to a schedule and started a backup using same schedule. Wh...

Dip by Level 4
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Resolved! Setting up two 5020 Appliances

  Thrown in the deep end with a couple of 5020 appliances, and I need to setup replication between the two on a single NBU domain (WINDOWS I've been able to find plenty of doco on setting up the Appliance itself, but can't find any on settin...

bpdown by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup/Deduplication Space Issues

Evening, I'm currently troubleshooting an issue regarding space on a 40 TB VLS, and am using NB 6.5.5 on a windows 2003 SP2 enterprise edition as the master. If more information is needed to provide relevant help later I will provide it.    For now l...

Finding how much data was backed up till now

Can someone give me the command to find out how much Front end terra bytes have been backed up in my master server. Ours is a capacity based license. We want to find out how much license is consumed thus far so that we can purchase additional license...

DPO by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup tape selection

NBU 7.01. on Solaris 10 X64.   All my backups are to disk stagging with destagging to tape.   I think I remember a setting somewhere that controlled how long Netbackup would consider a partually filled tape for use.  There was a point time where Netb...

GlenG by Level 4
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Using capacity based license for more than one master server

Suppose I have a 16TB capacity based license key with me. Can I use the same license key for more than one master server which are in diferent zones ? In that case how NBU is going to calculate the capacity ? Master server A backed up till now 10 TB ...

DPO by Level 6
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Intergrating OpsCenter with Remedy for ticketing.

Does anyone have any documentation, white papers, tech notes, URL links, etc on intergrating OpsCenter to BMC Remedy to create tickets for failed backups, etc.  This is way out of my comfort zone so I'm not really sure what to ask.  I've done a searc...

js88699 by Level 5
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can the NBU catalog to be backed up partially?

We are testing the NBU catalog DR recovery. I am wondering if the catalog can be backed up selectively and restored successfully since our entire catalog is in 500GB size. we just want to test the NBU catalog can be recovered into a new NBU server wh...

FlyMountain by Moderator
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Resolved! File Reporting

We have somewhat of an emergency, We had quite a few (10k+) files disappear from a NetApp. My boss has asked me to check the backups to see if there is any similarity in the files that are gone. These backups are from a CIFS share and we run daily cu...

SQL Server version identification

I'm doing some work with the NetBackup SQL Server agent and am trying to identify the version of SQL server which ran on the client when the backup was taken. I can use the bplist command to generate the following: server.MSSQL7.server\instance.db.db...

Java GUI and NBAC

Hi Guys We recently fresh installed NBAC on NBU on Windows 2008 env. We would like to use it as there are LOTs of people that would like to monitor their backups(amongst other things) but we dont want them to be able to change backups ect. We...

Resolved! Where is NB7.5 Master Server for RedHat?

I downloaded NetBackup_7.5_zLinuxR.tar.gz to install on a RedHat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4. Early in the installation process it comes out with a message stating something like "the master server software could not be found". This is not th...

Vault creation

Hi All, I used to do tape rotation manually everyday to meet the minmum scratch count. I am planning to create a vault policy to eject daily 10 fully written tapes and i need 10 scratch tapes to come in to library.   1, How will i configure vault to ...

Resolved! flashbackup fails invalid snapshot method

Hi all, We've been kicking the tires on flashbackup for a few weeks now trying to get it running on a RHEL5 media server which is also the client in this case. None of the methods appear to be valid - tried nbu_snap, vxfs, vxvm, auto, and none work. ...

Resolved! WWN no. of drive...

Hi All,   How we find out the WWN no. of physical drive as well as VTL drive. Can some one plz help me out. I need this on urgent

V_P_S by Level 4
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Resolved! Hyper-v Cluster with HP Hardware VSS locks CSV

 We are running Netbackup on Windows 2008 R2 and we are having issues backing up VMs on a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V cluster. We have a 3 node cluster connected to HP P2000 and using the Hardware VSS writer. From time to time we are seeing short...

rbkguy by Level 4
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Status Code - 636

Hello - Currently I am running Netbackup on Linux master connected with two media servers, and current biggest challenge is my whole Netbackup infra accommodates more than 95% of VMware backups and both media servers acts as VMware hosts. At ...