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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Throughput data calculation

Hi    How to calculate the complete netback up data verse throughput, is there any formula for that can you please help on this,   regards thirupam 

nbk_thiru by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup Client Install failed in Linux Redhat

Environment Netbackup = 7.1 Netbackup Server OS = 2003 R2 Client = Linux (its a Virtual Machine) Netbackup Client = 7.1 selinux=disabled Problem Installation failed. See the install logs for reference: Symantec Installation Script Copyright 1993...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Add New Client to NetBackup 7.0.1

Hi, I need to know step by step how to add new client to Symantec NB 7.01 on unix , as it is my first time to do it .. thanks. master server Symantic Product Name: Symantec Netbackup Product Version: 7.0.1 Operating System: HP-UX 11iv3   media server...

Resolved! snapshot

E.g two policy one with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive and one with e.g F:\ - That will result in one of the snaps to be dissolve   Which snapshot will be dissolved first?

NetBackup APP_CLUSTER configuration

Hello Guys,   Has anyone configured NetBackup media servers running on a two node MSCS with NBU machinetype app_cluster. After moving the resources from one node to the other, NetBackup does not pick the correct active node name, hence it allocates t...

dtrostli by Level 4
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Restore Rate statistics.

Hi, I’m interested in knowing what kind of throughput others are getting when restoring files from PureDisk. At the moment via 1 gigabit network I have an average restore rate of 55 MB/s.   This is quite a broad topic with many factors that can influ...

NZData by Level 2
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Resolved! port and process

  Process Port Description acsd 13702 The acsd (Automated Cartridge System) daemon runs on the NetBackup media server and communicates mount and unmount requests to the host that controls the ACS robotics....

Resolved! archive bit

   In Netbackup, archive bit logic works for windows?and what abt unix?    

unable to backup a file on server

hi folks   from client server gUI  ERR - File /apps/oracle/product/db/core3.jar shrunk by 46548992 bytes, padding with zeros i m able to backup all file on servers but above file fails to backup . even bpbkar logs isnt of help in this plz help

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! All tape drives not used for duplication

Hi  i hav total of 4 tape drives, STU 1 - 2 tape drives controlled by master+media server[master, media same server], STU 2 - 2 tape drives controlled by media server2.both STU in storage unit group which is mentioned in SLP for duplication. max conc...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! status 96 veritas netbackup

hi all   netbackup failing to backup a single partition D: drive in win 2003 server , ablet backup other partitions F: and E: but not D: , tried to select D: alone in backup selection list but still failing..    Error: 8/12/2012 9:19:23 PM - requesti...

Resolved! Backup Selection List Directives

There is a policy with the following backup selections list(including the directives). Two clients are added under this policy one is a W2K8 x64 and the other one is a W2K3 x86. ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES Shadow Copy Components:\ System State:\ NEW_STREAM UNSE...

sabby by Level 4
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Resolved! snapshot.

  Disable snapshot and continue Specifies that if the snapshot becomes invalid during a backup, the volume snapshots for the backup are destroyed. The backup continues with Windows open file backups disabled. Regarding the file that had a problem dur...

Resolved! volume snapshots

  11/2012 19:06:51 - Warning bpbrm (pid=5768) from client win23: WRN - can't open directory: E:\esp\data\data_fixml\Set_0070e5 (WIN32 2: The system cannot find the file specified. ) 08/11/2012 19:06:51 - Warning bpbrm (pid=5768) from client win23: WR...

Resolved! BCV backups

  BCV stands for business continuance volume.  It is an EMC solution for cloning production data.  You need to have an array capable of doing BCVs.  Hitachi has a smiliar method that uses a CCI (command control interface) product that I refer to as H...