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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! v7.1.0.0 client install fail on RHEL 6.3

Trying to install base v7.1.0.0 Unix client on a RHEL v6.3 server today.  Base client install fails near the end despote runnig as root: The following automatic startup and shutdown scripts (respectively) have been installed.  They will cause the Ne...

Resolved! Netbackup Tape Drive Issues

Hi all, I posted a thread some time ago with this exact same issue ( involving the tape drive in our robot constantly reporting that it's not ready and jobs failing because the...

Seonix by Level 3
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NDMP restore issues

Hi All,   I'm Having AIX master server running with 6.5 nbu version. Im trying to perform a ndmp restore but it is failing continuosly. I have selected right source and destinations even then it is failing. kindly suggest what we can do for this. NDM...

Darklord by Level 4
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Resolved! phase 2 import fails to find images

NBU 7.1 on SUSE. I've successfully done the phase 1 import on three tapes, getting 5 fragments (including #1).  When I search for images to import, I keep getting "INF - Found no images matching the selection criteria that were ready for phase 2 impo...

bills by Level 5
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SRT with VxVm

Hi, I need to create SRT with VXVM.I had came accross forum and boos.They menstioned if we are having vxvm version in client 2.1 will support if we had SRT with 2.1 version VxVm. Please let us know why higher version of VxVm is not supporting to lowe...

SRT ersion 6.5 is incompatible with client config version 6.5.5

I am trying to run a prepare to restore process on a client but receive an error.  I've attached a screenshot of the error.  I'm wondering how I can update the SRT it mentions in the error. I'm running NetBackup Enterprise 6.5.6 on Windows Server 200...

Moeman by Level 4
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2008r2 UEFI status 0 failures

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find out if anyone else is seeing the following issue on any of your 2008r2 physical machines. Server:  Solaris 10 NBU Clients:  Windows 2008r2 NBU Backups finish with status 0, however, if you review the...

SLP Network Traffic with Auto Image Replication

Master / Media Server: Windows 2008 R2 NetBackup 7.5.03 I am trying to determine for my remote sites (17 sites) how much network traffic is being produced per replication job related to AIR.  If I look at a job log for the replication jobs from a ser...

Resolved! backup without barcode in netbackup 6.5

Hi all, As follow my previous post in this URL:   I have 24 tapes and one HP MSL2024 Tape Library. The Netbackup software is running on windows server 200...

Netbackup client installation failed

Hi everybody, I'm getting thir error when installing a netbackup client locally after transferring the package by ftp. Netbackup 7.5, Solaris 10. ********************************************************************************************************...

eomaber by Level 4
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Resolved! Client Connectivity Issue with new Master.

Hi, Got a query on a issue I am facing I am migrating clients from old master to new master, and there are several connectivity issues I am fcaing with new master like Ping test is failing and BPCD and VNETD services are not responding or not connect...

MABaig by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup - Hyper-V backup with 48 guests

We are testing Hyper-V cloud backups.  In this host we have 7-nodes with approximately 48 guests spread across the 7-nodes.  We will be adding guests to this cloud host.  Currently we are browsing for Virtual Machines each time we add guests.  This s...

trdav17 by Level 2
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How to start the NBU server machine

Hi all, I restarted the machine installed NBU server just now but failed. The OS of the machine is Linux RH5.6. The starting is OK until the screen shows as: NBUServer login: Whatever I type, the screens is frozen. NBUServer is the server name of NB...

NBU/hierarchical duplicate

Hi, Currently Media Server sends deduped backup directly to SAN (via OST). Is it possible to attach tape library directly to Master (via FC), and read the backup data from SAN (via OST) directly to duplicate to tape? i.e. Not going through the Media ...

tisso by Level 3
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Resolved! RAC Installation NetBackup Administration Console

Hi, Dear, I am having difficulty in locating the Master Server, it is located in an area distindo, need help because they formerly had access to the RAC, as the previous installation did not know if there is some specific detail.

Resolved! c:\windows\regedit.exe restore...

  i got the strage issue..   user requested me to restore the file c:\windows\regedit.exe,  and i tired to find that in backup image but did not find it.. not sure what happend to that file..  any idea why its not being backup, does it exclude in def...

RamNagalla by Moderator
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NDMP backup failure (99)

Master server - Netbackup on Solaris 10x86, media server Netbackup on Solaris 10.  Error 99 on ndmp backup to tape.  Any help would be appreciated. tpauthconfig -verify ndmp-host gives the following: Connecting to host "ndmp-host" as ...

Resolved! Need active backup clients list

Hi Folks, I need to take out only active backup clients for my licence renewel process. -->We have more then 600 clients and some of the clients is decommisoned. ---->We may forgot to remove client from the list(Summary of all backup policies). I nee...

Slow DB2 DB Backups / Fast Log Backups

Hi, i've a question regarding DB2 Backups. We have DB2 on AIX and the problem are slow DB2 database Backups, the Log Backups on the other hand are running very well. DB Backups are done to SAN connected LTO5 drives and I get 50-70 MB/s. This is way t...