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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup Media servers and N5000 appliance

Good afternoon.   I am pretty sure this solution is feasible but was hoping to get some reassurance from the experts.   A customer currently has a simple environment running with 1 master server, there is a media server and N5000 in site A and media ...

AnKirby by Level 4
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sgscan showing same tape drive & robot twice in solaris

Actually I had to reinstall one of my media server. I installed netbackup successfully & when i tried to configure tape drive, sgscan is showing same tape drive & robot twice in solaris. I tried to unconfigure it using cfgadm & it is giving me Config...

San Client

How to setup san client including FT Media Server. Not able to understand documents. Please give example.  

VMWare Backups using SLPs & MSDPs

Running NetBackup, using Media Server Deduplication Pools, and trying to back up some large file servers that are VMWare guests.  When doing full backups to tape, it just takes too long.  Created an SLP to write to the disk pools, Set up the ...

Resolved! Java update for Netbackup 7.1

Hello, I'm hardening my servers and the java used buy NetBackup 7.1 is out of date. Can someone please tell me how I can update the java version. I called the helpdesk but all they don't seem to get it. They gave me this link

Resolved! Migrating Clients from EMC Net worker Server to NBU

Hi, Got a query on a issue I am facing. I am migrating clients with same policy schedules from EMC Networker to NBU Master. Is there any way to migrate policies from Networker to NBU through cmd line, because through GUI I need to manually fill all t...

MABaig by Level 3
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Hi All,   What are the steps to do a Sql restore on a different server. eg:source server:WIN23 destination server:WIN26 Master server :LX345 Sql database name:PQSYSTEM    Please provide the steps for this

netbackup fails with status 58 cannot connect to client

Hi All,   Netbackup fails on a client with status : 58 cannot connect to client,     Status 0 8/8/2012 10:38:18 PM - end Snapshot , Step By Condition; elapsed time: 00:00:00 8/8/2012 10:38:18 PM - begin Snapshot , Stream Discovery Status 0 8/8/2012 1...

Resolved! SAP backup + NAS Snapshot

Hello! I need to know if it is possible define a SAP policy with NAS Snapshot support on a Suse Server. I read From the snapshot client admin guide: Snapshots of NAS host data are supported for NetBackup clients running Windows (32-bit system and 64-...

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to perform a full backup of master server

Hello, Since i have updated Netbackup 7.0.1 to I cannot perform a full backup of the master/media server. The server is named apdk9g and is running Windows 2008 R2. This is the media and master server, the error is : 08/08/2012 11:05:44 - Err...

F4zer by Level 3
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Netbackup backup VMware View

i have to try to backup vmware view using mode link clone. follow information Master Server: Netbackup VMware View 5.0 Guest have Virtual Disk 1 = OS(Link Clone)                  Virtual Disk 2 = User Data (Persistent Disk) i can backup and r...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! Installing NBU to Suse 11.2 Media Server

Hi All, We installed a new media server which is Suse 11.2. Support for Suse 11.2 starts with NBU But there is no support for NBU 7.1. So how can I directly install NBU , because I can not install NBU 7.1 to Suse 11.2. Regards.

evo by Level 4
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Error 2060018 during netbackup appliance import job

we currently have 2 netbackup 5020 appliances and are using netbackup 7.5 to back up our data. The appliances  replicate data to each other over our wan link.  We recently had the link go down and since then we have had the following message appear o...

Resolved! netbackup error restoring from an ESXi server to another ESXi server

Hi Guys,   I would need to ask for your support for the error that I am experiencing when I am restoring a VM backup from an ESXi server to a different ESXi server.   Netbackup Location: VMware ESXi Version 4.1.0 Destination: VMware ESXi Vers...

itsmeLuck by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Upgrade to stable version

Hello Guys, We are planning to upgrade your Netbackup environment 6.5.6 to 7.X Please suggest & help me out which version is the Best version to Upgrade?   Regards, Chandrasekar.M

Resolved! Not Able to see all the clients

Hi All,   I am new to Netbackup being an O.S guy im feeling a bit difficult please help me in this as i need to perform a RESTORE test i tried to restore contents on client to a LOCAL FOLDER which i have created on my master its showing some PIPE ERR...

Resolved! Excluding files for Windows

Hi All, I need to exclude one file which is same for all servers within the environment and needs to be excluded. issue is this file is located in different drives based on the server. Some servers D:\ drive and some C:\ and etc... and we dont know w...

Amaan by Level 6
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Duplicated backup - one tape is full before completion

Hello, I have a few backup policies which uses multiple copies (backup is written on two tapes). Both tapes has status available (bpexpdate before backup) and policies finishes with errors due to lack of free space on one of the tapes. Additionally, ...

Resolved! Creating bpsched log file

Hi,   Can anybody tell me how to create bpsched log file on the  master server as i am facing error 150.   Thanks, Nayab

Resolved! What is the different in bp.start_all and S77netbackup starting script

GoodDay, I have some problem when starting my NBU master and i getting different result when issue above command. Basically i was told to used "./bp.start_all" cmd to start my server services. However sometime some of the services was unable startup ...