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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup failed with 89 error code...

I added one more storage unit in storage unit group and startd backups over there but all backups failing with error code 89.   What is the root cause of this. Kindly help

Resolved! How to get an Enterprise Client license for ESX Server

Dear Expert, i need to buy an Enterprise Client license for each ESX Server to my VM system, but i need few information about it. 1- Is Enterprise Client license for each ESX Server capacity license? 2- Is Enterprise Client license for ESX Server per...

muhanad_daher by Level 6
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Resolved! Possible causes for backups to fail with Network Issues

  Hello,   backup enivornment:   master : ; Unix Clinet  : both 6.X and 7.X ; windows &  unix. Storage : 4  PureDisk appliances and 1 tape library.                           My question: what are the possible reasons for backups to fail with n...

Resolved! barcode rule info

What is the use of barcode rule?If media is LTO2 and i assign it rule to be LTO3.Will it work?  

Resolved! barcode rule

I want only 5 characters of barcode to appear in the NBU gui.   What to do?

Resolved! Catalog backup is getting failed with error code2 & 96

Hi Folks, Good Day..... I am have newly configured catalog backup and its getting failled with error code 2 & 96.I have two tapes inside the library but dont no why its getting failled.Could you please check the below log and advice.   $ sudo /usr/op...

netbackup 7.1 questions with answer

1. what is the command to increase priority of client backups from policy? bpplinfo <Policy_Name> -modify -priority <####> 2. can we suspend DB/cataloge/duplications jobs from activity monitor ? NO; Take Checkpoints every option is greyed out in p...

Resolved! Expoting backup ID

Client : Above client belongs to a filesystem policy : FS_UNIX_90days  ; backup selection : ALL_LOCAL_DRIVE. Client is already backed up to PD appliance with retention period of 90 days.   My question : Now I want to expire data ...

Resolved! catalog recovery

We have two master servers in cluster, say nodeA and  NodeB with cluster name as Virtual. nodeA is active node. The catalog for the environment is placed on a mount point on master server nodeA For catalog recovery on a test environment, we have made...

Error 156

HI everobody, I´m having some problems in Windows Servers 2008, always with error 156. And i can´t find any solution to resolve this issue. Follow the master log. The client and master version is   + + basename /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/bin...

Resolved! Slow Backups after upgrading to

We recently upgraded from NB 7.1 to and a few servers now take twice as long to complete the backup. We upgraded the MAster server then the media servers and then the clients. It seems to have happened after the client was upgraded. Most of t...

smbt by Level 3
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vmware backup issues on windows 2008 servers

Hi, Windows admins complaning that some of the virtual disk drives are unmountin while taking the backup. They noticed below error in event log. Any idea what could be the cause and how to resolve this ? The device 'VMware Virtual disk SCSI Disk Devi...

DPO by Level 6
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VMDK files restore.

Hi I am trying to restore vmdk files from backup that we have. I am finding a strange problem here, We have full backup on30 july and after that we have all incremental backups. I have to restore it to today's date. But If i try to select last full b...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! Oracle backup scheduled job is not starting

Hello!   I have a problem with a scheduled Oracle backup that doesn't start.   With the same client we run other backups (Standard policy + other Oracle instances) but we have the problem only with a particular policy. I run the command: /usr/openv/n...

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! Image Cleanup status 37

Master: Linux RHEL  Media servers: Mix of various OS's NBU version: on master and all media servers This is an 'inherited' environment and nobody knows anything about media09_bck. How media server was removed with valid images in the catalo...

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! MS Hyper-V auto update VM list in NetBackup policy

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1. I have some Hyper-V servers (Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter) which are in cluster. My question is: In hyper-v policy, can the policy auto update VM list in a particular node? E.g., now we have f...

liuyang by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup 6.5.4 Shared Storage Option (SSO) issue

Hi , I have a Netbackup Enterprise Master Server running on Solaris 10 SPARC. A month back started facing an issue while running device configuration all tape drives are showing limitations wherein the error states - no Shared Storage option license ...

Netbackup - DR implementation

Hi, Can some one please share your thoughts on the below situation and help me. I have a Netbackup 7.1 master server ABC with 2 media servers and have implemeted puredisk. There is a Netbackup server at DR location. Since there are few servers to be ...

Resolved! How to rebuild media server

I have to rebuild one of the media server as my colleague have tried to configure it as master server & didnt revert back to the old configuration. I figured out this when i found the media server status offline. I tried to bring the server online bu...