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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Preparing AIX SRT for BMR

HI! I know that in Linux there is special file /usr/openv/var/global/createsrt.conf, it describes which rpm files should be installed inside SRT. What about AIX OS. How do bmrsrtadm define which files it should get from installation path to create SR...

Alex_Zn by Level 6
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Resolved! Client hostname could not be found (48)

Hi all, I'm receiving the above error when attempting phase 1 import on a different Master Server at another one of my sites. This has worked fine in the past so not sure why I'm receiving this error. Any pointers? Thanks.

Resolved! Exchange 2010 GRT and Kemp Loadmaster (NLB)

Hello I am trying to setup GRT of our new exchange 2010 environment and has run into a problem with the Kemp Loadmaster in front of the CAS servers I am getting: Error bpbrm(pid=4136) bpcd on <CAS VIP> exited with status = 48   If I put the loadmaste...

Resolved! Junction point

Hello I want to ask if backuping of Junction point like a Document and Settings in 2008 x64 win is fixed in version . Or do I still need to apply fix  2055965 . Thank y...

Resolved! Netbackup DLO upload.tmp files

I have an issue with Netbackup not deleting upload.tmp files.   I found this article (, although we don't have VSS enabled we still have many gigabytes of old upload.tmp files ...

Tomas_C by Level 4
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Resolved! ltid is often going down on media server.

Hi all, I have a scenario, the " ltid " process is going down often on my media server.   Details: Master Server OS: Solaris Media server OS : Windows 2003 R2 Netbackup Version(Master & Media) : 7.0   Any suggessions on fine tuning?

Resolved! catalog backup

I am using NBU7.1 with RHEL5.5, I need to perform catalog backup. I run the below commands for NBU catalog policy : **************************************************************************************************************************************...

psingh by Level 4
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BMRERR for winodows XP of DELL PC

HI, all I wanna BMR backup follow PC. DELL Latitude E6410 windowsXP 32bit Netbackup version is 7.1 BMR backup didint carry out well. Except Dell PC, BMR gets success. Please tell me the reason this happen and solution. Report is as follow.   2012/03/...

ryouji by Level 2
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Unable to configure storage unit for NDMP

I have an interesting problem. My NDMP backups to an EMC storage unit are crawling. When attempting to configure my storage unit I go to storage unit, new. I have 4 devices attached, 2 hp vls, 1 hp MSA and our EMC data domain which is robot tld3. Und...

Duplications, old_media and new_media media servers.

Master server: NBU 7.0.1 and OS: Win2008 R2 Ent; Old Media server: NBU 7.0.1 and OS Win 2003; New Media server: NBU 7.0.1 and OS: win 2008 R2 Ent; Storage: backup goes to Quantum DXi4520 (OST) and will be duplicated to tape. Old configuration: Backup...

Amaan by Level 6
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Resolved! Multiplexing

Just a quick question about multiplexing. In the master host I have 2 jobs per client In the policy I have 2 jobs per policy The schedule is set to multiplex 2 The storage device is set to multiplex 2   Now... In the policy, multiple data streams is ...

Netbackup 6.5 New Tape Drive

Hello All,   I received a new tape drive for my tape library.  I ran the configuration wizard to bring the new drive in so that Netbackup can see it.  The drive is not showing ready so I did not get any backup to complete when trying to use this new ...

phxfire by Not applicable
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Resolved! Restore Exchange Granular Error (rai error= 6)

Hi all, 26/03/2012 16:48:12 - begin Restore 26/03/2012 16:48:14 - restoring image server.domain.com_1332789312 26/03/2012 16:48:16 - Info bpbrm(pid=1376) is the host to restore data      26/03/2012 16:48:18 - Info bpbrm(pid=1376)...

differences bettween deduplication store and catalog data MSDO

Hello, I am lookup for command where I can see "really" data in deduplication store .... This question is no for different informatiin from OS and NTB capacity size, but for different NTB internal iformation and really capacity data crcontrol --dssta...

PetrHan by Level 4
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Resolved! Restoring an Exchange DB

Hey Folks, Netbackup 6.5.4 I backup my Exchange (2007) server (daily incr, weekly fulls).  I do a once a month full for the purposes of off-site. I want to restore one of the databases, but NOT to the existing server.  I have the tape in the library....

Backup Start and Stop Scripts.

Hi NBU Folks, I have the following requirement for backup start and stop script. If you have any that matches this, appreciate if you can share. Comments, Suggestions most welcome There is asynchronous Shadow Image (SI) that runs every day during OF...

Resolved! Dual upgrade - version and OS

Hi, Our master server is currently running NBU 7.0.1 on RHEL 4. My goal is to upgrade NBU to 7.5. The compatibility list says that NBU 7.5 is not supported on RHEL4, so I'll need to upgrade the OS first. I'm going to build a new server with RHEL 5 an...

Mike_3G by Level 3
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Resolved! Status 90 Errors for full backups on shared folders

I have a couple of servers that are getting status 90 errors when attempting full backups. This backup spawns new threads for each backup selection, and the error only occurs on one of the backup selections, which is a shared folder. The incremental ...

Resolved! Catalog Backup - the requested operation was partially successful(1)

  Hi,   Catalog Backup ends with this error:   26.03.2012 11:53:35 - Info bpdbm(pid=7756) staging relational database files for catalog backup       26.03.2012 11:53:35 - Info bpdbm(pid=7756) staging BMRDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup...

MariusD by Level 6
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