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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Restoring exchange DAG mailboxes

An Exchange DAG Architecture has multiple mailboxes with active and passive Databases for high availabilty, how does Netbackup determine which mailboxes and respective DB in the DAG to restore when needed?Thanks for your numerous answers in advance 

problem when restoring individual file from VM backup

HiI m using netbackup 8.1.1 and i m backup up some vmware virtuel server.The virtual server is running centos6.8 with only ext4 file system.But when i mtrying to restore a file i only get a very old version of the file.The file is changing evry day b...

Netbackup 7.7 error authentication service

After migrating the version of netbackup to 7.7.3 I can not enter, and I can not start the authentication service, i need help!I did not have any errors during the update process, the master server is Windows 2012R2  


vCenter Object List & extensionList with NetBackup

We have an issue with our vCenter and the number of objects it's having to manage. VMWare are thumbing several NetBackup extensions registered on the vCenter.Has anyone ever come accross: extensionList["com.vmware.netbackup.NetBackup_x.x"]We have sev...

Resolved! DB VMware snapshot vs Scripted DB backup

Our backup senario:We created two servers ( 1 Linux - 1 Windows ) for testing in Linux we installed MYSQL DB with one database and two tables and we did the same on Windows but instead of MYSQL we installed SQL server and we did the backup using Veri...

sa1eh by Level 2
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Disk Pools on GPFS

Hello,We are testing to have disk pools (MSDP, ofcourse) on GPFS..i am saking if there is any concerns on this setup? and any ideas what to look at or test will be much appreciated..Thanx..

Resolved! Changing Datadomain image owner

Hello All, I have a datadomain storage server that is showing down, as one of its media servers is no decomissoin in the right way.The storage server that holds DDboost over LAN shows down always. I'm trying to solve since like a week.Is there work a...

h-mazeh by Level 3
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Resolved! Decommission Datadomain Media Server

Hello All, I wish to decomission a media server which writes into DD4500, In same time I want its iages to stay there.I alreayd marked the images as infitiy expiring images.Will nbdecommission clear the images? Regards,

h-mazeh by Level 3
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Vmware snasphot backups

Hi Champs, We have VIP configured in our environment.We have Both INCR and FULL backups schedule in the Same policy for the Vmware snapshots backup with Enable BLIB setting.My query is when we talk about Vm Snapshots ,what is the diff between INCR an...

noazara by Level 6
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Resolved! Exchange backup failing with error

Hi Team,My exchange backups are failing with error below. The backups going to this server only failing in the overall DAG other backups through are just fine.02/09/2019 02:35:05 - Warning bpbrm (pid=2872) from client SINSR1SR0017MBX: WRN - NEW_STREA...

Resolved! MSDP: Variable Length Deduplication

Hello all,It seems that there is no NBU stream handler for HNAS backups (Hitachi filers)... the deduplication rate is very poor, that's why I'm thinking about implementing Variable Length Deduplication (VLD, introduced in NBU 8.1.1) for that kind of ...

Nebackup and Rac one node

We  use netbackup version 8 to backup Oracle Rac Onde Node (include 3 nodes) version 12.2.0 Cluster database on linux, we have configured the netbackup policies to backup We use vip adress not scan adress. The database is relocated at the moment  on ...

remsma by Level 2
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Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Hi Everyone, I am aware that in VMware policy netbackup tries to connect to each media server configured to check if they can be VMware backup host or not, However I couldn't find a timeout value which i can set to check the media servers by Netbacku...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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backup report only for tape

Hi All,I am looking for the daily,weekly, monthly data written on tape only to review tape drive requirement and tape media. I am not getting correct or required information from tape reports from console and also we dont have opscenter. more informa...

Instant Recovery

Hi all, Instant Recovery requires the use of local datastorage: nbrestorevm -vmw -C i0crits02 -vmpo -ir_activate -temp_location ...In our VMware vCenter, local data storages are not used (not mounted).Can I use the production datastorage_x for temp_l...

Resolved! VxUpdate repository location 8.1.2

I have setup the repository for VxUpdate following steps mentioned in (section: Adding packages to NetBackup package repository).As the section indicate...

X2 by Moderator
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Resolved! NBU 8.1.1 and Data Domain VE Failing Replication

I have an issue with replication between two sets of media servers and DDs, I've had them working when replication to different targets but can't figure out whats going on here.  I suspect I've missed something obvious as I've had loads working previ...

Loggin on to console with AD Account

We are setting up AD access on our 5240, We always logged on with the built in Admin Account. I can logon to the Java Console with my AD account that has the Administrator role,  but it is showing me the "Backup Archive and Restore" option and none o...

Netbackup Tapes Recovery after Decommission

Hello Everyone,We have decommissioned one of the DC and all the backups have taken full and final with the catalog as well. Now customer want again the data to be restored whenever they require.So here my question is can we restore the data using sam...