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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! quick erase for media

i have veritas netbackup v 7.0 based on windows 2003 and i upgrade windows to windows 2008 after upgrade when i try run quick erase for media it's show erorr unable to start this command as attached any one can help me

Resolved! VM backups over SAN. Is it possible to PureDisk

My question is as below: ESX host is connected to SAN swith as the Windows 2003 media server which runs NBU 7.0.1. PureDisk gets its storage from EMC through SAN switch. If the configuration was defined to move data on SAN, how the data movement happ...

Amaan by Level 6
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Pushing Standard Encryption To NB6 Client From NB7 Server

We currently provide backup and restore services for a number of devices. Many of them are still using the 6.5 client software, but our server software is 7.x. For undisclosed reasons, it is unlikely the clients will be updated ith a newer version an...

Errors in Problem Report - DAG Backups

Hi all, I have a NetBackup for Windows environment where we are backing up an MS Exchange 2010 DAG.  The backups are running without issue but there is a number of entries in the Problem Report ona  daily basis as below: Thu Mar 15 20:10:30 G...

MikeM11 by Level 4
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Resolved! NDMP backup failed

Hi All , I have configured new One NDMP backup and create a backup policy.After start a backup it gives an below error.Kindly assits. Error ndmpagent (pid=17977) ndmp_data_start_backup failed, status = 9 (NDMP_ILLEGAL_ARGS_ERR) Error ndmpagent (pid=...

Install 6.5 Client on RedHat but not from Master

Hi I have a Redhat 32bit. So i need NB 6.5.6 It is not allowed to push the Software from the master. So i have to send the Admin of the Redhat Server the install files. I download the NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar.gz and send it to the Admin. He unzip ...

stivi65 by Level 3
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NBU - NDMP backups in the activity monitor

Hi all, i have a question regarding the NDMP backups. We could not see the "KB per Second" state in the Activity Monitor for NDMP backups is that normal? I need to know the speed of the NDMP backups.   Regards, Martin

Resolved! Collecting Window client logs

Hello Forum Folks, Is there a method to collect the backup logs from NB 6.x Windows clients (bpcd, bpbkar) from the Master ? I don't have admin access to the Windows clients but do have admin permissions on the the NB 6.5.6 Master server. Thanks, Tho...

Listing Netbackup 6.5 database clients

Hello, We are preparing for the 6.x to 7.x upgrade. Is there a command, or series of commands, that can be run from the Master server command line to identify which of the the NBU clients are being backed by a NBU Database extension product ?   Prefe...

Resolved! what this means:cannot connect on socket

  11:27:54.294 [31432] <16> bptestbpcd main: Function ConnectToBPCD(rocky23) failed: 25 <2>bptestbpcd: cannot connect on socket 11:27:54.294 [31432] <2> bptestbpcd: cannot connect on socket <2>bptestbpcd: EXIT status = 25

Resolved! NBU License Utility Error Message

Hi,   Has anyone tried to use NBU License Utility (Traditional/Capacity Base)? NBU ver. is 6.5.6 runiing on Windows Server 2008 64bit. After running the .exe file for 64bit environment it was searching for this "nbdeployutil.exe" which was missing wh...

Resolved! system state backup failure

Hi all we are getting system state backup failure on window client since quite a long time tried various things but failed. client windows OS 2003 sp2, nbu version 7.1 volume shadow copy and microsoft software shadow copy provider are in automatic an...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Is BMR possible without a boot server

Hello I'm trying to figure out the BMR product, I have Windows NB7.1 server  with BMR license and I'd like to enable BMR to some Linux clients. Can I do this without creating a boot server as I already have a boot server on the network for pxe / kick...

Resolved! Requirement to evaluate coverage of NDMP device.

Hello All Ive got a problem in that for my NAS/NDMP device, it cant chat with my master server when it comes to coverage checking. The NAS is clientless. Hence if I miss something off my NAS backup then I'm likely not going to know about it. So my pr...

NBU 7.1

Does anyone know a way to export\import policies including the current server list or just export/import policies.   tks ed

Resolved! NBU window client properties

Hi all     above is we get in NBU window client properties. I understand what is verbose level. can anybody explain me wats general, TCP, flush, Databse.????

rookie11 by Moderator
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client specific logs

Hi experts we all know bptm , bpbrm, bpdm logs are created on media server if directory is present. there are about 500 clients backup running in about 128 policies. they start around 7pm to 9:30 pm. Question : Is there a method to have client specif...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Backing up vSphere virtual machines with 2 vCenters

Hi I have a query with regards to backing up virtual machines in an environment with 2 vCenter leveraging on Netbackup 1) Previously our environment consists of only 1 vCenter server version 4.1. We have a proxy server running Netbackup 6.5.4...

MohdAlim by Level 5
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Resolved! requested media id was not found in the EMM database

Hi,   i'm getting an error while executing bpmedialist on several tapes, when i use vmquery -m Z282L3, there is no error: [root@tapemaster sbin]# bpmedialist -m Z282L3 requested media id was not found in the EMM database   i have this on a lot of t...