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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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BMR - Successful Configuration?

Hi,   I would like to have your feedback on what constitutes a successful BMR configuration. I have installed and configured BMR Master Server, BMR boot servers, and have completed successful, status 0, backups with "collect disaster recover informat...

RiaanBadenhorst by Level 6
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Hi All, On our site , raw backup restoration failing with status 5 Kindly provide the pre-requiestes and waht is the reason for the same. Both servers are aix and master server is solaris. Need any info kindly confirm .     Regds,   Sagar

Backup in hung state

Hi guys i m facing problem in my environment. One of client server OS windows 2003 hav 2 disk on it C: and E:\. backup of C:\ goes fine.but nbu take backup of E:\ for about  100000KB , 34000 files approx then stays in hung state for about 2, 3 days. ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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deleted and status 50

hi   kindly follow below given link to delete waiting for retry job from activity monitor   Unknown jobs in activity monitor that cannot be canceled aborted or deleted and status 50

syedzeeshan by Level 5
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Resolved! media mismatch

i ran an inventory and i saw tha tapes is in scratch but there is a conflict. Media id is not matching with the barcode label. meedia id:NDLA BARCODE: MCLABL1   What are the steps to corect this?  

Resolved! can any body help me with this command.

  can any body help me with this command.   I am getting the below error/    sudo ./bplabel -m Z00015  -d HCART2 -o -p Scratch  -host xbufrgh Invalid Density/DriveTyped   What should be the coorrect command?

Resolved! We have nbu 7.1 in our environment.(linux)

  We have nbu 7.1 in our environment.   When i run this commmand from master server,i get this.   sudo ./bptestbpcd -host xduhg   1 1 1 -> ->   Here what this 1 1 1 m...

Resolved! NDMP restore successful but no files restored

I'm trying to restore a directory from an NDMP backup. Every time I try, the restoration job is successful but no files are restored. I tried restoring to the same volume and to a different one as well but nothing. I found a discussion here that sugg...

client restore EXIT STATUS 83: media open error from disk

Hi, I have been facing issues in restoring data from a media server on which data domain is configured. The backups are all running fine but restore is been a pain. There is nothing in FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER for the applicable media server. Here'...

Backing up to NFS

My question is if it is possible to backup the server to the Quantum disk which has been configured as NFS. As per what i understand, Quantum can be configured as either NFS or OST in the initial configuration. It (Quantum DXi 6700) has been configur...

Amaan by Level 6
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Resolved! New media server installation problem. Version 6.5.1

After installing I can not get my Media Manager Device Daemon to start, I've attached a screen shot.  Also my new media server's status reads Active for Disk instead of Active for Tape and Disk like my other Media servers. If I leave it alone that st...

Resolved! Backup not Come in Schedule........

Hi , One of my backup job is hung state due to disk storge unit full and i am unable to cancel this job from activity monitor.I also deallocated resources from master server and also restart the client services but still job is in hung state due to w...

Resolved! relocate a NBU unix client and change hostname

Hi All, We are lately planning to relocate some NBU 7.1 UNIX clients to different location and change hostname/IP.  All previous images will need to be still valid for restore. What kind of changes should we make on policy and client property? thanks...

Resolved! bpmedia command

Hi, While running command bpmedia command to unfreeze the nedia geting the below given message.Please suggest. bpmedia -unfreeze -m <media id> requested media id is not assigned to this host in the EMM database

Inder by Level 4
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Resolved! backup failed with status code 84

Hi,   Couple of backup failed with status code 84. I have found that all of them run on same drive and media freezed after that. Is it due to drive related issue or the problem with the media?

Inder by Level 4
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Staggered Scheduling

I have read that it is a good practice to "stagger" the scheduling of jobs so that netbackup can allocate and manage memory and resources more effeciently. Currently I have all of my policies set to start at the same time, they then backup in order o...

Resolved! Status 607 on Synthetic Backup

Good Morning, I have problems with synthetic backups. i made a normal full backup, but omits several files ".Xls", after, active the synthetic backup, make the copy but show me the error 607.  Is there any way we can make a synthetic backup with omis...

Resolved! Open file backups, VSS snapshots and bpstart_notify scripts

Hi all, This query is mainly for Windows, but may possibly apply to *nix platforms. If a drive (say drive E:\), is to be VSS snapshotted and backed up, is this snapshot created BEFORE OR AFTER the bpstart_notify.bat script is run? This is impo...

RLeon by Level 6
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