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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backup for failure mailbox after deploy DR

Hi Marianne van den Berg My customer use NetBackup software include.  Master server run NBU Version server run NBU Version 6.5.4 and Exchange 2007 SP1. Formely I backup successful mailbox but when the system upgrade Exchange 2007 SP2 to ...

Resolved! log details with Job ID?

Hello All, I had a Job ID 12345 failure today now. Now I want to know its detailed log (not very detailed). Can you please help me how to get this log and from where?   Master server is 7.1 NBU AIX   Thanks, Soumyaa

Soumyaa by Level 4
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Resolved! compatibility question

Hello!   can I install a 6.5 media server on a old Solaris 8 sparc with a 7.1 master server Solaris 10 ?   thank you very much

cimo by Level 4
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Is NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent 7.1 support UNC path

In our setup, the vault store partition and index using UNC path on another server, does netbackup EV agent 7.1 support this configuration? I checked the compatiblity, since NetAPP is supported, that means UNC path should also supported right? Thank ...

patriot3w by Level 5
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Resolved! use normal service instead of xinetd

Setting up the Netbackup 6.5 client on a Red Hat 6 linux machine... The client is usually setup with the xinetd service... Will someone please give the exact steps to set the netbackup service without using xinetd... I would like the information for ...

drj003 by Level 3
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Hi,     I have repeatedly receiving tape error as follows     1325033953 1 386 8 0 0 0 *NULL* bptm TapeAlert Code: 0x15, Type: Warning, Flag: CLEAN PERIODIC, from drive IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.005 (index 3), Media Id 005402 1325034185 1 386 8 xxx...

Resolved! Netbackup RMAN Restore Problem

Hi: I was requested to do a restore of  RMAN files to a specific date (approximately 2 weeks prior to the request date) with Netbackup 6.5.4 on Solaris 10u6 Master.  Went into the BAR window on the Master and filled in all the necessary information a...

Resolved! can any one expline me about this process .

Hi All,   When i run a catalog backup in netbackup, I can see 4 jobs in activity monitor , one is a paranet job and other three jobs are child jobs. Can any one expline me role of these four jobs. Please provide a troubleshot notes for catalog backup...

Resolved! Guidance on Netbackup Training

I was wondering if people whom have attended the ILT can share thier thoughts about it, NBU 7 training on Windows/Unix? Was the instruction worth the expense, (~4K)? Is it a lucarative investment or should other backup/DR avenues be pursued? How popu...

GetVxULMessageEx failed?

 Hello, While testinbg the Netbackup 6.5 client on RHEL5 x64, I get some strange error messages, although the backup itself does finish: 12/27/2011 15:49:42 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00 12/27/2011 15:49:42 - transfering BMR information to the ...

Resolved! Can Netbackup 7.1 SAN client be a Media server?

can a netbackup 7.1 media server run as SAN client? I saw this statment on netbackup 7.1 SAN client admin guide page 16.   How to choose SAN Client and Fibre Transport hosts When you choose the systems to use for NetBackup Fibre Transport, be aware o...

demo4119 by Level 6
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What if media server fails?

consider no cluster environment in netbakcup no storage groups   now, whats the traditional method of diverting bakcup jobs if any of the media server fails? assume that lost media server build will take 2 days time and how best we can manage bakcups...

Soumyaa by Level 4
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Resolved! Disk staging DSSU and Storage lifecyle policies

Hi,   I had a doubt whether we can configure DSSU Disck stagings if I want to configure with Storage lifecyle policies? Just say Yes or No. If no, reason please   Thanks, Soumya

Soumyaa by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup cluster environment

hi, We are not using Veritas Netbakcup cluster environment, but I want to have some knowledge on how it works if any media server fails suddenly.    Please share your inputs and any tech note links.   Thanks, Soumya.

Soumyaa by Level 4
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Resolved! Manual backup from netbackup gui

  Hi, I have few queries in use of netbackup application. 1.      Normally for all regular / planned backups, we will create policy and will schedule as required. Also we can initiate manual backup by right click on the policy if needed. Here, My que...

Generating 90% dedupe data using Directives

Does the following set of Directives generate 90% Dedupable data.   GEN_DATA GEN_KBSIZE=27262976 GEN_MAXFILES=1 GEN_DEDUP_KBSTRIDE=256 GEN_PERCENT_DEDUP=90   Thanks, Sagar