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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup 6.5.6 Volume Shadow copy issues

Hi.   I get these errors consistenly on this server. The status is 13. It seems to not be able to use shadow copy but every time I chedk the writers everything is working fine. The agent is as up to date as it can get. The target box is a win 2008 sq...

Resolved! SQL or Exchange Defualt application backup

hi all, i have configured single policy for backup SQL but when the start in netbackup its shows so many jobs running in activity monitor, why this happend please share info....????????????

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! NBu - Backup job hangs at "Begin Writing". No error!

to a problem with a Windows 2003 R2 Standard (32-bit) client.  The Netbackup servers are all Windows 2008 R2 Standard (64-bit). I installed the new client ( client and ran a test backup of the C:\COMPAQ folder.  This was done on a number of s...

Netbackup Volumes

hi, can any one there who may able to tell me how can i check free volume pools in netbackup 7 from GUI please do let me know the procedure    

mumair109917 by Level 6
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configure netbackup 7 with HP VLS solution

Hi All, can any one help me out to configure HP VLS with netbackup how to configure VLS in netbackup and how please do let me know that do i have to buy some other netbackup licenses to configure VLS????

mumair109917 by Level 6
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NetBackup Media Server on VM

  It is recommended not to run media server on virtual machine. Where I can find exact information on why it is so? Performance and device connectivity are some of reasons always given but somehow I am not fully convinced about it. And if that is th...

nileshj by Level 2
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Resolved! Windows 2003 Cluster Passive Node shows cached drive letter

I have a windows 2003 file Cluster that finishes with status 1 as a result of "phantom" drive letters.  Essentially what it is is when the cluster drives fail over to the the other node, the now passive node still shows the drive letters in windows e...

Resolved! How can I get notification of releases?

How do I get notified when new releases of NetBackup or Backup Exec are released? For example, NetBackup just came out - how could I have know about that?

Resolved! Can we centralize the vaulting for remote sites?

on NBU, is there any way we can centralize the vaulting for remote sites? Need your perfessional suggestions. We are attemping to eliminate the tape rotation and IronMountain pickup on remote sites. we have FalconStor VTL on each site, the primary ba...

FlyMountain by Moderator
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oracle backup as flat file

here is my scenario solaris server oracle DB running on it, my european client do not want to purchase NBU oracle agent.they hav asked us to run oracle db backup as flat file. now we hav link bpstartnotify with DBshutdown script , run the backup , th...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Optimized Duplication - How to switch it off ?

Hi, can you help ? Using NBU and OpenStorage we have a strange behavior : Backup done on Dedupe DiskPool : OK (verify and restore OK) Backup done on Tape : OK (verify and restore OK) Duplication from Tape to Dedupe Disk Pool : OK (verify a...

Resolved! Reboot or no reboot?

Just seeing what everyone else does.  I've always surpressed any system reboot from installing the NBU agent and updates.  I've got conflicting answers from Symantec reps.  What do you do?  Say for even the production systems in your environment.  Re...

Full backup fails with error 156

Hi all client OS windows 2000, NBU version 6.5.3, master n media 7.1 Issue is when incremental backup runs it goes fine but problem is with every full backup schedule it fils with error 156 below is bpbkar log files of differeent backup schedule date...

rookie11 by Moderator
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error code 25

Hi guys  one of my client showing error code 25 since past 2 weeks. on client system bpcd logs r not getting communication works fine from client to master n media n vice verssa. my own finding  [hr is client name]   sudo ./bpclntcmd -se...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Questions on full restore of Window 2008 Servers

Hello,  Since we do not currently have BMR configured in our enviroment (and adding it will require a long approval process, so we need an alternative in the meantime) we have been doing some testing on system restore following the document below: ht...

Eamonn by Level 3
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