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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Staging Questions

Running Netbackup 7.0 Our main servers are all backed up to tape every night using the two robots we have running 1 drive each.   We also backup about 250 individual windows clients.  Because there aren't enough hours in the week to write every PC to...

Resolved! Removing a FULL tape which contains a full backup

So, a cumulative backup only backs up information changed since the last full back up. My question is lets say, i ran a full back up on monday every other week and cumulative backups run every day after that. If on the following monday, i remove a ta...

Resolved! How to use logs

Hello All, I had a very basic doubt in using logs in Netbackup. I dont need info of where logs will reside, but I need ways to use them For example, today I had an error 84 for a client at 4:27:00. To check the log I was in bptm and listed out the fi...

Soumyaa by Level 4
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Resolved! Sql backup with transaction logs

I have been backing up a sql database for months now and i just noticed that the transaction logs are not being truncated.  I really am not sure why I thought this but i was under the impression that by doing the full backup it would truncate the log...

Resolved! Force Netbackup to restore from Tape

Hi, We are currently using Netbackup 7. I use temporary disk staging before duplicating to tape. This occurs every day. The disk staging is able to keep 3 days of incrementals on-line and 2 weeks of Weekly fulls on-line. As a part of my test restore ...

Resolved! Download netbackup enterprise server

Hi we have netbackup 6.5.5 enterprise server and have just found a need to install the client agent on a rhel u2 x86 server, and lo and behold we cannot find the original install media. Is there a link on symantec to download the full software and no...

NHL by Level 4
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can't get media id by using bpimagelist..did it change in 7.x?

Hi guys, I can't get media id in this format when using this command anymore...i know it worked in 6.5   bpimagelist -d 09/01/2010 -e 10/01/2010 -U -backupid client-name_1032302682 -media if i Use -client option instead of -backupid then I can see th...

Resolved! Problems upgrading RedHat 2.6 Clients from 6.5.4 to

I'm attempting to update my RedHat 2.6 clients to release from 6.5.4, but receiving an error stating that the client is from a previous release of NetBackup.  Here is an exmaple command and output: ------ # update_clients -ForceInstall -Cli...

Vault Duplication Deadlock Situation

I've run into an annoying problem with Netbackup Vault Duplication. I have a vault job scheduled to run each day that duplicates our disk backup images to LTO4 tape. I have the Maximum Partially Full tapes setting on my Vault Destination Volume Pool ...

Resolved! Query on Volume pool

Hi, This is regarding query on volume pool use and its specification. First, for Netbackup pool, it is defined as default pool incase of volume pool not specificed in the policy. But as my understanding, at the time of policy creation, netbackup will...

Directory structure in Backup-restore-archive window

Is the directory  structure window in  the 'Backup-restore-archive' can be used to reflect other servers / agents directory struture. Or it is just to use only for local file system, then it looks like not required also. Am I right because even the l...

Resolved! Regarding NDMP backup failure 99

Hi All,   In our Backup infrastructure NDMP backup is failing with error code 99 , we are trying to set up a new environment.   We are configuring the Media Managed NDMP  backup Method and our Master server is able to connect with the NDMP .   root@X...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Resolved! What is a SAN media server and a client

What is a SAN media server and a client as per the SSO guide "SANmedia servers are NetBackup media servers that back up their own data.SAN media servers cannot back up the data that resides on other clients." I found some references where this statem...

Resolved! Any specific document for Exchange2010 DAG granular backup with NBU 7.1

Environment Single Veritas Netbackup Master/Media Server = 7.1 Operating System of Veritas Netbackup Server = WIn2008R2 Exchange Server = 2010 Operating system of Exchange2010 = Win2008R2 DAG is configured = Yes Total Exchange2010 nodes = Two Exchang...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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list of recyclable tapes for future date

HI, We are running netbackup version 7 enterprise on a centos server. As a newbie, I know I can run vmquery to find out what tapes in scratch pool are currently available for recycling but am not sure how to get a list of tapes for a future date such...

jk04 by Not applicable
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Resolved! AUTO_UPDATE_ROBOT and Vaulting

Will Vaulting still work if  AUTO_UPDATE_ROBOT is added into vm.conf or will the tapes moved to the MAP get injected back in again?   HP Proliant DL380 G7 with SAS connected HP MSL 2024 Library with HP LTO4 drive Master/Media - Netbackup OS W...

Lee_C by Level 5
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