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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Job did not run, but no error

Hey Folks, Ok, got a new one here.  I have a policy defined called "Exch-TBEX02-DB".  Within this policy, I have three schedules defined. Differential-Inc   - 2 Week retention (occurs nightly) Full - 1 month Retention (Occurs weekly) Full-Offsite - I...


Situation SERVERA contols TLD(0) and owns the media. Server A has died an ugly death and will be down for  a couple of days. I have redefined the TLD(0) tape library on SERVERB, and put into the master bp.conf FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER SERVERA SERVE...

Upgrade NetBackup 7.1 to NetBackup 7.5

I'm trying to upgrade my development NetBackup environment, which is running 7.1, to the Beta 2 release of 7.5. When I enter the install process I get the following pop-up error message: Any ideas on this issue? Thanks,   Wayne

Exchange 2010 - Limit Jobs Per Policy

I'm backing up a exchange 2010 (DAG) with NB 7.0.1.  I'd like to run one mailstore at a time for 3 mailstores listed in a single policy.  The admin guide states the if i set the 'limit jobs per policy' to 1, it will not apply to parent jobs.  But it ...

MattS by Level 6
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VMware Restore - NetBackup 7.5 Beta 2

The restore interface does not appear to function properly for VMware policy type.  Keep getting:  WARNING: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria.  My client do not have an agent installed and is being backed up with VMware p...

Bob_RRR by Not applicable
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Resolved! Migrating NetBackup to a new tape library

Hello, This is a simple question, but I was wondering if anyone can help me understand better what I need to do or guide me. I recently migrated from one tape library vendor to another. Therefore, I have few volume pools created for the new tape libr...

dterm by Level 3
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Exchange DAG Backup Too Slow

Hi, I have trouble with my Exchange DAG backup which is too slow to finish. Backup one DB (300GB) can takes two days to finish without GRT enable. With GRT enable, it will worsen the situation. NetBackup version is 7.0.1. We had Exchange 2010 running...

rizalman by Level 1
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Best practice Netbackup 7.1 and PDDO

We face all kinds of issues with integrating Netbackup with PDDO Has anybody experience integrating NBU + PDDO Cluster of 75 TB (200 TB Front end) I wish to share the experience

effiko by Level 4
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NBU - Opscenter 7.1 Alert Polices

Hi, I need help, I set up alerts Polices in OpsCenter, i create police for Job Finalize and JobFailure, but Netbackup Jobs in failure or finished, but i not generated alert, i see the jobs finished or failed in monitor>jobs, but alert is not see, and...

Nuno_Grave by Level 4
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Resolved! Registry Entry

I have some registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_KEY/Software/Veritas/Netbackup/CurrentVersion/Paths that state the following _ps               REG_SZ     \\ DATABASE_PATH       REG_SZ    G:${_ps}Netbackup_data${_ps}${_ps}Netbackup${_ps}db  which if rea...

mudabo by Level 4
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Vmware vStorage API backups without Vsphere

  Netbackup Windows 2003 Server Hello everyone, One of our VMware environments is still ESX 3.5.  This will eventually be upgraded. When checking into the compatibility for backing up VMware guests using NBU, I see it’s possible to backup VM...

AlGon by Level 6
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Where is the Vault GUI?

We just recently implemented Netbackup Enterprise 7.1 and I am starting to play around with the Vault module. However, I noticed that the only way to manage containers is to use the Vault Operator Menu (vltopmenu) or the vlcontainers command, both of...

How to back up Exchange setup that uses SCR for DR

We are using NetBackup on master server (Solaris 10), media server (Solaris 10), and all clients (Solaris & Windows).  Our MS Exchange team is implementing Standby Continuous Replication from our existing Exchange servers to a remote hosting ...

"Error Running Report"

My fellow NBU folks, It's Monday and I have another new issue to post.  When attempting to run a Images on Tape report I get the following: Error Running Report Error from Master Server XX-XXXXX file read failed   A possible bad image header?

Restore linux files to windows

Hi all have a need to restore oracle backup files taken from linux to windows, restore failes with error 59. My question is it possible in general to do so. Thank you  Alexsey

Resolved! cleaning DSU's on same drive

Hello, I got three DSU's in the following manner: F:\Daily   ( backup size in DSU approx 300G) F:\Weekly   ( backup size  in this DSU approx 600G) F:\Monthly ( backup size  in this DSU approx 600G)   total E: drive is 2TB (High and low water mark is...

Richard67 by Level 4
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Getting Support for the Beta

  What if we need help or have a question?   The first stop for support is Symantec Technical Support. If the documentation provides no guidance, a Symantec technical support case should be opened. Technical Support will assist the Beta sites. Techni...

Jed_Gresham by Level 4
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Netbackup: Corrupted Windows logs (EVT files) after restore

Hello. My system: Master HP-UX, NB 7.1 Client: Windows 2003, NB 7.1   I am trying to restore using BMR, and everything is OK except System and application windows logs. The error message "The event log file is corrupt".   Please advice :)

Indjev by Level 4
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