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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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VMWare backups

We are going to start backing up our VMs through VMWare and I am having a very large blockage in understanding on a very simple concept, that being the VMWare backup host. Does the backup host have to be a media server? I thought I read that it needs...

Collect all clients from script base

Hi Team,   I Need to verify client status for every change on Sat and Sunday. I need to cross check more then 400 + clients every week end. Is there any way to check client status by using script. I need below format  Client     status ABC      succe...

Baski by Level 5
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Resolved! How to add client list into backup archive restore menu

 in the java console BAR GUI window Action ==> specify netbackup machine and policy type ==> when i click on the browse tab for source client and destination client for restores I can see only the master server, where as we have 24 cleints in the hos...

nit by Level 3
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Resolved! How do I check a Netbackup clients backups

Hi   Which is the best Netbackup command can I use to check a client's (solaris) backups for example everything under a clients >>> /X/titian/ directory? for example a client name titian.wa.xxxx. Also, checking all directories would be nice? Also, If...

Valted tapes to iron mountain, scratch return?

Hi everyone 1st post here :) We vault tapes off site to iron mountain every week, my question is there a vault process to get the tapes back when they expire and are scratch. I did a search last week and found over scratch 400 tapes sitting on the sh...

Resolved! Backing up Netbackup for Novell OES Linux cluster resources

 Hi One of our clients wants to backup the cluster resource volumes on there new Linux OES cluster they are building. Can anyone help with info on this (links, recommended guides, Documention on this? Fyi – I am new to netbackup so I know this is mos...

Resolved! Netbackup SharePoint support issue

According to this KB due to internal SharePoint 2010 database changes (after SP1) netbackup fails.   Does this mean that Netbackup uses directly the internal SharePoint database? Microsoft does not support usin...

fduca by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup multiplexing questions

Hi all, Just would like a confirmation of my understanding of multiplexing : I have an environment where we have plenty of backups,(exchange databases, local drives, system state backups) short window to do them all and not a lot of drives to go aro...

posie80 by Level 4
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RMAN error

Hi,   I just configured script based Rman hot backup and am getting some error like (backup failed to backup the requested file code(6)), like this and below i copied the bphdb log please help on this.       16:47:49.120 [29575] <2> logparams: -sb -r...

Resolved! Latest Engineering binary for PureDisk

Hi all, I have been reading the below TECHNOTE and wanted to know whether the fixes are already contained within NetBackup In the Hotfix Bundle NB_PDE_6.6.1.2_EEB20-rol...

MikeM11 by Level 4
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GRT Restore in a DAG Exchange Environment

Hi,   I need to know if somebody take a GRT Backup for a DAG Exchange Environment and the restore process works also. I take a GRT Backup and all works ok, successully.  But when I try a restore .... ends with: " 09:46:39 16.11.2011: Restore Started ...

MariusD by Level 6
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Netbackup forVmware

Hi there,   I have a setup for nbu 7 master server & a separate media server over win2008 server. for vmware environemt, netbackup master server has been made the vmware backup host. Most of the backups are working fine and there was no issue reporte...

Netbackup 7.1 - Failed to delete disk pool

Hi, We are trying to remove one of our failed media server that was used for Dedup (MSDP) I was able to remove most of the reference to it but I can't delete the Disk Pool and there is no error...   nbdevconfig.exe -deletedp -dp "name_of_dp" -stype P...

Resolved! need to manually kick off compression NBU catalog

NBU 7.1, RHEL 4.8. I was browsing the catalog in the BAR GUI, trying to verify backups.  At some point during the search my start date was reset from the 6 months I had set to back in 2008.  As a result, NBU uncompressed about 100G of the catalog.  I...

bills by Level 5
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