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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SQL script creation error of NBU 7.1

Need help regarding the error of SQL backup script creation to NBU agents. Please see screenshot below. We also run as administrator before running NBU Agents for SQL.

Resolved! Upgrade to nb 7.1 on solaris 10 update 1 sparc

We're running nb 6.0mp7 on solaris 10 update 1 sparc and need to upgrade to nb 7.1. Do we need to upgrade our solaris 10 first, in order to install nb 7.1, or is solaris 10 update 1 ok?

bimler by Not applicable
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Exchange 2010 DAG granular restore error

Hi Symantec Community, We are facing a problem with a granular restore of some exchange 2010 mailboxes and messages,   In the job log we can see this error messages:   9/7/2011 6:45:12 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=6980) from client EXCH-NLB001: ERR - unable ...

CJACUNAD by Level 3
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VMware restore requires working DNS?

Environment: Netbackup Enterprise Server 7.0.0+a VMware related hotfix, W2k8 64 Standard                     ESX version 4.1 running stand-alone (no Vsphere) During a recent DR exercise we found that we were getting the error listed in:

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! Disk Backup Restore Question

Hello, 1.  I performed a backup to a Disk (let's call the location:  F:/servers) 2.  I put all of the .img and .info files that were generated into a new directory (let's call the location:  F:/servers/server1_9-8-11) 3.  I want to perform a restore ...

Resolved! vmquery command

I am trying to run commands on my windows master server to see how many scratch tapes their are for a particular robot.  Is there a way to make vmquery do this?  If not does anyone know of a way to get this information?

kproehl by Level 5
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Netbackup KMS (Key Management Service)

Anyone using Netbackup KMS (Key Management Service) to manage tape encrytion?  It seems to be a free add-on.  Just want some feedback on use, configuration and if any issues.   Thanks!

Resolved! Configuring email notification for catalog backup jobs

Hi All, NBU version: 6.5.6 Master server OS:Win 2003SP2. I have configured mail alert for catalog backup. Am receiving the email as below upon completion of the job. But am not getting the mail with attachment and DR file info.  Email getting after t...

ram619 by Level 5
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Resolved! Full backup failing with 24

We have full backups failing for G and H drive with error 24 while the differential backups complete for the same drives The other drives are successfully getting backed up. Could anyone suggest, what needs to be done here? Sep 8, 2011 1:33:21 AM - r...

Windows file system mounted on solaris showing "nobody" as owner

Hi All, Master server - solaris10 I have mounted a windows file system on solaris 10 server. I want to use it as disk storage, so i have mouted it on master server. No media server in the environment.  Issue :- Windows file system mounted on solaris ...

Pinku by Level 5
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operation would cause an illegal duplication

Hi All, I'm trying to get AdvancedDisks installed.  I purchased a license, and last week started the process following the Best Practises document.  However, the Disk Pool I had at the time was also in use by Veeam, so I removed (or thought I had) th...

Use of NetBackup Vault without mailslot ?

Is it possible to manage tapes with NetBackup Vault when robotic has no mailslot, or a too snmall mailslot (One slot for 10 cartridges, it is faster to open the robotic !).

Gdd by Level 6
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I can't install clients 7.1 into redhat 5 ent server ..... Help

Hello support, I try to install the clients in Redhat 5 Ent' Server but can't.  I use uname to see my Linux version is "Linux <my server name> 2.6.18 - 274.el5PAE #1 SMP Fri Jul 8 17:59:09 EDT 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux" then when I install it let...

Eric_L by Level 4
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Netbackup cluster upgrade from 6.5 to 7.1

Hi All, Setup : 6.5 clustered(VCS) master server with two node Solaris 10 Yesterday i tried to upgrade 6.5 clustered master server to 7.1, i followed steps 1) Stop netbackup service group 2) Freeze resource group 3) stop nbu agent on both nodes 4) st...

NetBackup (7.1 Maintenance Release 2) is now available!

(Crossposted from the Netting Out NetBackup blog) I'm very pleased to announce that a new Maintenance Release for NetBackup 7.1 is now available! In addition to many bug fixes, NetBackup contains several changes that can improve...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! Question about MSDP and Automated Image Replication (AIR)

I am working with Netbackup 7.1 and researching AIR with MSDP.  I have come across the statement "If you are using MSDP for A.I.R, only the deduplicated data gets replicated. If the target already had the segments, it is not send again.".  I understa...

Netbackup 7.1 - Slow FS backup, but fast Oracle agent?

Hello All I have a client that has a files system backup and an Oracle agent backup. The oracle agent backup runs at 50MBs. The file system at 200 KBs. I have done a bpbkar to /dev/null test and this works at 50MBs. It looks like the file system can ...

Resolved! Oracle RMAN Backup Issue

I am facing a following error while executing oracle rman backup for HPUX client. NBU version is 7 and master and media servers are on windows 2008. I have entries in bp.conf for master server and also media server. I am using media server storage un...